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Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve already received my yearly box of Godiva chocolate covered caramels, so it’s already a good day.  I’m not even going to think about how many laps I’ll have to swim to get rid of them.  That would totally ruine the way they taste.  I gave Frank chocolate as well.  He loves dark chocolate so I usually give him a nice assortment from Richardson’s Candy House. 

This evening, we’re having a sea food fest here at the house.  We’re making Panko shrimp, lobster tails, a bunch of veggies and a key lime pie.  Lauren wants to make cookies as well, so I’m sure we’ll make some heart shaped spritz.  That’s after I get myself in gear and go to the store to get the butter, which needs to happen soon.

No yoga for me today.  I slept in until almost 8:00 a.m. today, totally unheard of for me, but I guess my body needed it.  Frank was also called to the Mall at around 1:00 a.m so that’s always a bummer.  The yoga of sleep.  I taught one yoga class on Friday morning, then I hiked for 45 minutes in the afternoon.  After that, I went totally insane and decided to swim (for one hour) Friday evening from 5-6.  Maybe that’s why I’m tired, you think?

Looking forward to a mellow day of no laundry, errands or otherwise. 

May your day be a loving one.

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What A Weekend

I know, I reeled you in with that title.  And guess what?  Nothing really happened this weekend. 

I did teach a yoga class Saturday morning and it was really fun.  I did hate having to miss all of the Yoga Day USA buzz because I was teaching though.  Word is the Meyer Center had 80 people for the Yoga Flow.  That is fantastic!  Meanwhile, Beth had 30 or so at her center, doing yoga, chanting and enjoying Eric on the drums as well.  Would’ve loved to have been there too!  I think any money they took in went to Haiti so that was totally awesome.

This morning was Sunday and I attended Beth’s class.  We did a Yin practice which I really enjoy, and hadn’t done in awhile.  Her studio is starting to feel really cozy with the hot tea, the bookshelves and the gong.  It’s all that.  I love it!  In a Yin practice, you hold a pose passively for a long time.  Long as in like two to five minutes.  Lots of people have a problem with this as in they get fidgety and can’t stand it.  Not me.  I can be there and then some.  I left there feeling quite good today even though I was super tired from some drama the evening before.  Nothing like a good yoga class to wake you up all over and make you realize there’s no need to sweat the small stuff. 

At noon today my good friend picked me up and we went to see Up In The Air.  Go see it.  I didn’t even know what it was about.  Only the fact that George Clooney spent a lot of time at airports.  I am so glad we saw that instead of It’s Complicated, which was her first choice.  It’s always good to check Rotten Tomatoes out before you head to the theater.

I’m still swimming.  I haven’t given up.  This last week I went twice at lunchtime.  This next week I cannot do that anymore as I’ll be teaching yoga every day at noon, so I’ll swim in the evening with the men.  I shall not complain.  I have to swim 72 laps to make a mile, or 36 laps back and forth.  I usually count by twos.  So, after swimming about 20 minutes, I usually hit 40 or more with ease.  I’ve been swimming for 35 or 40 minutes every time, so I’m thinking, I’m hitting close to two miles.  That doesn’t seem possible.  I’d better ask the lifeguard again to make sure that the count is right. 

The other day, I met a fellow yogini in the lane next to me.  She was a pretty tight swimmer.  She asked me if she could give me some advice.  I said of course.  She’d noticed I’d only been breathing to the right and she was correct.  I hate breathing on the left, I get a mouthful of water, it’s unnatural and I don’t like it.  I told her that I knew that and my neck was going to pay for it.  And someday my right side would look like I’d been injecting steroids on that side only.  She had a good point and that was balance.  She mentioned to me that I wouldn’t just do triangle on the right side would I?  Of course not.  I swam on Thursday and turned my head to the left several times.  Still can’t figure out why going to the right is so smooth.  I guess we go with what feels right or what we know.  I shall step out of this comfort zone more often.  Of course, I’ll be choking and spluttering away, but hey, there’s nothing like a good mouthful of chlorine now is there?  I’ll have to think of that as my germ killing breath to the left.

This week I start back with the yoga at MSU.  I’ve got 4-days with them in a row at lunchtime and I’m excited.  And I’ve got a decent crowd, which in turn means a decent paycheck at the end of the session.  Volvo fund, every penny I can spare. 

My daugher is turning 12 on Thursday.  It does not seem possible.  Can I really be that old?

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Snowy Update

*Springfield just called school off for tomorrow, January 29th, again.  I cannot believe it.  We’ve been out running around all afternoon!  I will be teaching my regular yoga class in the morning at BOWS from 9-10:30 a.m. anyways, so if you need to get out (and stretch) I’ll be there!

*Lauren got her wish of being out of school on her birthday, which is today!

*My kids have been in and out a gazillion times since it started snowing last night, and I’m way sick of melted snow and wet clothes after not even 24 hours.

*Milos (father-in-law) is doing amazing!  The guy was sitting up in bed, eating a huge lunch with a tube draining from his head today!  He can bring that right arm up above his head and only has a slight tingling in his fingers.  They also said the catscan showed his brain is already occupying the space where the clot was and that’s way cool.  I can’t believe it.  Thanks to all of those who were thinking of us during this crazy time!  We look for him to come home on Friday or Saturday!

*We now have an extra day to make fudge for Lauren’s class as her birthday snack celebration since there’s no school, again tomorrow.  I still can’t believe it.

*I hope MSU will be open.  I’m scheduled to teach there at noon tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it!

*I painted a small chalk board on my kitchen wall next to the phone today.  It looks great!  I also mounted a small white shelf below it, to hold chalk and whatever.  Looking forward to doodling on that!

*I hate laundry.

*I love cats but I am so tired of cat hair.

*I want my new (used) furniture.  Plan was to get it on Monday, but nope, weather blew that.  I’m ready to get rid of this sectional. 

*I took my kids to Burger King today because that’s what they wanted.  Yuck, but I ate a little something there anyways.

*There was no one at Wal-Mart this afternoon.  Everyone must’ve been playing in the snow.  I hate to say it, but the groceries there are so much more affordable than the grocery store by my house.  And (this is sad) their meat department even looks better.  Supply and demand keeps stuff fresh I suppose.

*My husband plowed our driveway and the sidewalk and a path thru the yard next door, at 10:00 p.m. last night.  Bad thing about our road is this.  The snow plows bank the end of your driveway in while you’re at Wal-Mart.  I had to gun it over the hump, but when I slid in the driveway a HUGE sheet of ice slid off the top of my van and bent the shit out of one of my windshield wipers.  And, it scared Lauren to death, she cried.

*I spent probably $30 extra at the store today, just because Lauren was with me.  Jordan only wanted a pack of gum.  He’s awesome as he NEVER asks for anything.  My child on the other hand…….

*Visiting hours in I.C.U. were at 1:00 p.m. today.  So 11 years ago today, I was at the same hospital giving birth to Lauren, who was born at 1:03 p.m. on a Wednesday.  Except today, we were on the 6th floor instead of the 4th.  Weird.

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Yoga Mala and More 2009

100_3230The New Year’s Day Yoga Mala was quite a success, as always!  At the beginning, my daughter counted 63 people.  There were more that rolled in, so I believe it’s safe to say we had around 70 for sure!  Beth and Eric did a fantastic job with the live vibration.  They are an amazing team for sure!  I chanted the second set with Beth and it was so much fun!  We took in $78 in cash and I dropped off the food that was donated today, and it weighed in at 303 lbs.  Wow.  That’s a lot of food.  We had several people with cameras running around, so as soon as I get the rest of the photos, I’ll have something up on the web site, and of course get a newsletter out to the world.  I’ll leave you with these photos for now.








After the Mala, we headed up the street with fresh flowers (that I forgot to bring to the Mala….shhh…don’t tell anyone) and a bottle of wine, to have dinner with some friends, L & M.  They met in Europe a few years ago.  M is a British tour guide who still travels the world.  He happened to be the guide for the tour L was on with her students.  Thankfully for us, they fell in love, got married and made their home base here so we can enjoy his accent, sense of humor and the amazing food they prepare together for us! 

We started our meal with a tomato, mozarella and avacado salad drizzled with something out of this world.  I’m sure it was something simple like olive oil and lemon juice and basil, but it’s always way better when someone else makes it!   Why is that?!!  Next up, they served us beef burgundy with some awesome potatoes that had a bit of a mustard flavor.  Good stuff, and of course, they served it with a great bottle of wine that made it even better.  For dessert they whipped fresh cream, made the best coffee ever and we enjoyed a lemon curd patisserie for dessert.  Thanks guys for one of the best meals ever and of course the company rocked as well. 

What a perfect start to the New Year, first Yoga, then Family, Food and Friends.

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Happy January 1, 2009

We stayed in as we usually do on New Year’s Eve.  Hubby ended up working late, to be expected, all hell usually breaks loose about the time he’s supposed to leave, and it was also a holiday.  Nothing new.  We ordered some pizzas, downed some cokes, had one brandy and watched a movie.  Pretty boring stuff.

This is the first year in a long time that my sister wasn’t here for New Year’s!  It was kinda weird.

Today is the New Year Yoga Mala.  All afternoon.  I’m excited and I’m also glad Lauren will be attending as well.  There will be other children there and she asked if she could run the camera!  Awesome.  I love it when kids take photos, you never know what you’re gonna get. 

I’m helping in the chanting department this time, so hopefully that will go well.  I love to chant.  In the dark, when the students are in relaxation!!  I’ll be fine, I won’t be up there all alone.  I’m thinking we’re going to have a HUGE turnout.  We aren’t asking for a cash, charity donation this time, just non-perishable food for the food pantry.  There will be live drumming with the chanting, so it’s extra special.  Looking forward to this afternoon!2008-94

 2008 Yoga Mala

This will be the third time we’ve marked the New Year in this way.  We don’t have to do much advertising anymore, it’s just expected that we have it and I think that’s just plain cool.  We’re using the Unitarian Universalist Church this year, should be nice with big windows facing South!

After the Mala for me, (and work for Frank) we will spend the evening with some friends we don’t get to see very often.

More Mala details tomorrow!

Om mi try ya – na mah ha…… rah vay ya – na mah ha………om sur yah yay – na mah ha…….phonetic chanting, great way to learn!