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Room Revamp

While my daughter was gone this summer, I decided it was time to do something about her room.  Something serious.  She likes to keep things and unlike me, she does’t mind clutter.  Her room is not huge by any means.  It has a small closet, a built-in desk made of knotty pine and boasts three windows.  Not a lot of wall space for placement of the furniture that’s for sure.

While I was in Florida, I started searching for a dresser.  I was looking for one, large, long dresser to replace the 2 that we got at Big Lots when she was like six years old.  I found the perfect dresser and when I got home the guy still had it.  He was asking $100 but I took it for $60 as it had a tad bit of lower damage to the veneer.  And to make stuff even better, he lived just a tad north of us.  I litterally could’ve walked to his place in 15 minutes.

I started talking to my daughter on the phone (she was in FL) and asked her what she could part with.  To my surprise, she said, “Mom, just get rid of it all.”  Whoa.  I was totally excited but at the same time, what would I do with all of her stuff?  We love to have garage sales around here and we’ve had some great ones.  The problem was we hadn’t had one for 2 years and our attic is full of garage sale next time merchandise.  My parents offered to take some of that “stuff” home with them when they returned our daughter.  The rest got donated.  Thank God. 

I kept the color scheme a secret from her as I started to paint.  I did the ceiling first.  I chose a color called Sour Lime for her walls.  She wanted a lime green, but I really didn’t want to repaint this room next year, so I followed my gut.  It turned out great.  I painted all of her trim white again to freshen it up.  Then the hard part.  The knotty pine built-in.  This took a couple of days and coats of paint.  I also took some foam board and covered it with batting and then covered that with fabric.  It looks fresh and fun and we can stick push pins in it and change it whenever we want to.  I used velcro to attach.

Check out the before and after photos.

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Merry Christmas

We didn’t get a real tree this year, nor did we last year.  A few years in the past, we’ve had a live tree.  We’ve always donated them to Bass Pro as they use them for fish habitats after the holidays.  At least that way, it doesn’t seem so wasteful.

Frank has a small, artificial 5 ft. tree with weak branches and lots of bare spots that we’ve used in the past.  One year we even put up my huge, fake tree.  We had to leave off the bottom two or three rows of branches because it was so full, and the top hit the ceiling.  No vaulted ceilings at this place.  This house has needed a slim tree since the day I moved in and this year, I headed to K-Mart and bought one.  It came with lights already on it which is a total bonus.  I put it together and fluffed it up.  Ready to go in an hour.


Jordan and his girlfriend, Breanna.

Lauren decorating

 While the kids decorated, I enjoyed a glass of wine and hung out with Lucy and Jacob.  It’s nice that the kids took over the tree decorating. 

Since we got rid of that big, ugly sectional (sorry Frank) we put the tree in the front window.  Our street is somewhat busy at times, so all the people driving home from work can enjoy the holidaze on their commute.  And since it’s a slim tree, I can still enjoy the view which is much better with a smaller car in the driveway.

May your holiday be safe, warm and fun-filled with the happiness of family and friends!