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Spring Equinox Yoga Mala News

tower-471Yoga for a cause.  That’s how I spent my Sunday afternoon along with 60 or so other people!  Together we raised $500 for the Alzheimer’s Chapter of Southwest Missouri.  We had an exceptional view for this Mala as we held our event in the Tower Club, 270 feet high above the city.  We had originally planned on using one of the smaller dining rooms, but nope, we didn’t fit so we moved on into the main dining area.  It was really nice to be in this space, wearing what I like to call my “day pajamas.” 

Eric our drummer, is the manager of the Tower Club so that’s how we ended up with the space.  Beth chanted and for the last two rounds Abbe joined her.  I opted out on chanting this time and led a round of 27 sun salutations instead.  I had a nice girl contact me that was looking to enter her photographs in the fair and wanted to shoot a unique event!  That was super nice!  I shot some pictures but she was able to shoot the entire time.  She left me two discs at the YMCA, a total of around 500 photos. 

As usual, I didn’t know a bunch of people that showed up.  We had around 60.  There were at least 12 or 15 that were away for Spring Break, so I think we faired pretty well.  Next Mala will be in June, for the Summer Solstice.  Come do some sun salutes, or just sit and chant.


We closed the event with 108 OMs.  We’d like to think that we lowered the crime rate in our city that afternoon!

You can view more Mala photos here.

If you were there, thanks for coming, if not, thanks for viewing. 



Yoga Mala Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox Yoga Mala

Sunday, March 22 from 3:00-5:30 p.m.

Tower Club, 901 St. Louis Street, Springfield MO

(Click herehammons-tower-1 to see a pan and scan view of the inside)

Join us as we welcome Spring with live drumming, chanting and 108 Sun Salutations!

You do not have to do all 108 sun salutations.  Come meditate, chant and meet like-minded people all for a good cause!  We realize this is Spring Break for lots of folks, but if you’re staying in town, enjoying the economic crunch locally, please join us on the 22nd floor, 270 feet up!  Enjoy the skyline, welcome Spring, renew your commitment to yoga and to your own wellness.  Event is free, with a suggested donation of $15, but please give what you can, we know times are tough!  All collections will go to the Alzheimers Chapter of Southwest Missouri.

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The Yoga Event Planner

I feel like I’m getting a cold, and I need to get rid of it.

In yoga land, Fall break at MSU will be over this week.  I will need to start my classes there once again.  Looking forward to that.  Great group and the class keeps growing, so I guess that’s a good thing.  This coming weekend is a yoga workshop I’m ramrodding here in town.  For the second time, I’m bringing in one of my favorite yoga teachers, Thomas Fortel.  I first took from him in St. Louis and loved his classes.  Not all yoga teachers seem approachable.  Some in fact, you can’t even get close to tell them “thanks” after the weekend.  I felt Thomas made space for everyone to greet him and if you didn’t greet him, he would greet you and tell you thanks for coming.  I liked that. 

I asked him to come here last year and he said yes.  We held our workshop at OTC, which is where we planned on holding it again this year.  Didn’t happen.  Even after we’d reserved the space.  They are under construction!  So, the stress of finding someplace to house up to (maybe) 50 people, for yoga began a few months ago.

The new boathouse at Springfield Lake was available for our Sunday practice only.  It’s a neat, cabin like structure with a wrap around deck.  You can rent canoes and kayaks out there as well.   One side is completely glass and overlooks the water.  I am so looking forward to having our event at this location.  One problem.  I still needed space for Friday and Saturday!

A fellow yogini offered us her Firehouse.  We’ve held the Malas there.  Though we probably don’t need this much space, we were running out of options.  And, it’s a beautiful building in a cool area, with a garden courtyard to enjoy wine and snacks after our event, weather permitting of course.  I took it.  It’s all good and we could afford both spaces, the event is on.  Registration has been decent, considering the economy. 







Thomas leads an awesome meditation and pranayama practice, which is how we start our class with him each day.  We will then enjoy a day of active and passive yoga, reflection and sharing.  It’s awesome.  And what’s more awesome, is I don’t have to drive to St. Louis, stay in a hotel and find my way around and a place to eat while I’m enjoying the workshop. 

Of course, when you’re the workshop organizer, there is work to do.  Lots of it.  There’s the advertising and promotion of the event.  The finding of the space to have the event.  Getting everyone directions to the venues.  Then there’s the keeping track of all the registrants and their checks.  Some are paid for the full weekend, some just one day only.  I will buy flowers, grab the incense, find a table cover and decorate the check in table.  I will have help.  He will be staying with a fellow yogini as my place is not worthy of company that’s not my immediate family!  I have someone to help me meet and greet and check people in, and watch the door for late comers.  It’s all worth it – to see how thankful everyone is after the event.  For most, it’s an opportunity they wouldn’t be able to experience due to the expense that occurs with travel and family obligations.

This is all so exciting and if you’re in town and able to come, it’s so worth it.  Honestly.  You can visit BOWS for more information.  Namaste.


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The Stress of Yoga

I put out an e-newsletter, now and then, sometimes more now, for the yoga and wellness community in our town.  I promote all the studios, I contact them and see what’s happenin’.  September is National Yoga Month, so I definitely wanted to promote that, so a few days ago, I did. 

Think Global, Act Local

Think Global, Act Local

September is also the month we have the Global Yoga Mala.  We do 108 Sun Salutations for charity, usually 4 times a year and in September, a ton of people participate all over the world.  Since it’s a charity event, we have to find someone willing to let us use their space (a large space) for free.  This can be a challenge.  It was looking like (to me anyways) that we would have no Global Mala this year.  After all, yesterday was the 3rd of the month! 

And, yesterday we were offered a cool empty pool hall, but it had no bathrooms.  For 50 people and 3 hours, drinking water and sweating, we decided on no for that.  Another yogi, offered us his warehouse.  It had a bathroom.  We were set to take it when……..the Firehouse on Commercial was available only if we had the event in the morning.  Sold!  My friend secured the location, she called the drummer, then she called me.   I can spread the word. 

The Mala will be Sunday, September 21st at 10:00 a.m.  Charity fundraiser for Springfield Animal Advocacy Foundation (SAAF) and globally for Trees for the Future.  Suggested donation of $15 as always.  I’d better get this on Craig’s List, make some flyers and get them distributed around town!

I jammed on an e-newsletter last night.  I really hated to junk up email boxes since I’d just done one a few days prior, but it’s the best form of communication I’ve found.  There will be a loft walk on Commercial street that same day as well as Cider Days on Walnut, so lots will be happening midtown and downtown.

Whenever we have one of these, so many people I’ve never seen and do not know show up.  They just crawl out of the cracks!  I don’t know if it’s Beth chanting Sanskrit Mantras or Eric’s drumming, but the whole thing has such a positive energy about it.  People leave blown away, tell me how sore they were, and then they come back for more and ask me when the next Mala is!  Come join us, bring your mat.  Do 2 sun salutes or do all 108. 

Tip 1:  Take two advil before the event and have a glass of wine afterwards!  You will not be sore! 

Tip 2:  If you can’t take a yoga mala recovery class the day after, walk, ride your bike, but move!  And of course, listen to your body during the event!

It’s raining.  We do need it.  Our garden is cracked and dry.  We have 18 sweet potato plants and lots of tomatoes still to come!  I cannot ride to MSU, unless it quits raining by 11:30.  Hope it does, I do not want to spend my hard earned $2 for a day pass, on top of the hassle of buying it!

My daughter forgot her lunch money today……good thing Bass Pro is close!

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Summer Solstice Yoga Mala

Summer Solstice Yoga MalaWhat a weekend.  Besides getting ready for a great vacation, our quarterly Yoga Mala Event was held as well.  We had beautiful weather all day.  Until 3:00 p.m. the Mala started at 4:00 p.m.  We do 108 sun salutes 4 times a year for different charities in need.  It didn’t just rain, it was a monsoon!  The old building we were in is gorgeous.  It’s an old Firehouse.  The garage doors were part way open flowing with pretty fabric.  The huge double, wooden doors that beautifully frame the courtyard were open.  It didn’t just rain, it blew, visibility was low.  The place flooded a little bit, but it was all good.  It backs right up to railroad tracks.  There’s just something about the place, it has a great feel.  Water receded quickly!  We had a great turnout and raised $462 which was split for Doctors Without Borders and SAAF – Springfield Animal Advocacy Foundation.  I’m sore, as I usually am after this event, but it’s a good feeling knowing it was for a good cause and it won’t last long!  Today, we clean up and pack up around here.  Time to go to Florida for a much needed, and what feels like, long overdue vacation to visit my family!  Think of me on the beach!