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If You Wear Eye Glasses Read This

Back in February, I bought some old, but very cool chairs at a flea market.  They didn’t smell funky and they weren’t noticeably dirty.  But I took them outdoors and smacked the crap out of them and they released a cloud of dust!  I cleaned them with my vacuum and then with my  upholstery cleaner after that.  I believe I got a bacterial eye infection from all that dust which required a few trips to the eye doctor to make it disappear.  Used chairs turned out to be costly, but still way cheaper than brand new. 

The last appointment, I went ahead and got my eyes checked as it had been more than several years.  I was told I have great vision but do suffer from eye strain.  I do use the computer a lot and I like to read.  I was given a super low prescription for reading glasses.  Low as in +0.75.  This is lower than what they sell at the stores.  The doctor said if I wore those glasses (and lots of folks do) that they could make my eye sight worse as they would be much too strong. 

I was prepared to spend at least $50 on glasses, but low and behold a good friend just introduced me to this website,  Zinni Optical online.  You can put in all the numbers from your prescription and choose your frames, and they’ve got some cool ones.  The best part is they start at $8 and go up to $20.  You can even get bifocals!  I got these fun reading glasses and heck, if I like them, I’ll get a few more because I know I’ll eventually misplace them or scratch them up.

glassesSave yourself some $$ and check this site out!  I can’t wait to get these.

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Small Setbacks

On Monday my husband decided to go to the doctor and get an x-ray.   He’d been dealing with a twisted ankle for a week now, so I guess he thought it was time to get it checked out!  It was twisted all right.  He’d turned it enough that there was actually a small break.  They’re unsure if this is a new or old injury, but he came home with a brace and crutches for seven days.  He has one foot that turns out extremely.  In fact, his leg turns out from the knee down.  He’s all the time walking through the house kicking stuff, but he can’t help it.   He’s healing up, it’s a good thing.

On Tuesday, the trainers from the MSU athletic depatment called me at 3:15.  Jordan (our son) had twisted his ankle during warm ups at track and needed me to come and get him.  I got there quickly, and his ankle on the outisde area, was huge!  He’d sprained it in January and we didn’t go to the doctor at that time.  I’m thinking we should have and I’m still feeling bad about that now!  We headed to Urgent Care where they got us in pretty fast.  His x-ray showed a serious sprain to the front of the ankle.  He was so happy to not have a broken bone.  They’d just made him track captain.  Track and field will most likely be his ticket to college.  They sent us home with a brace and crutches for seven days.  He’s receiving physical therapy at track practice every day and it’s helping immensely!  It was warm that day, high 70’s.  When we left Urgent Care, it was blowing sideways rain and the temps were in the 40’s.  We were freezing as I was in yoga wear and he had on shorts and a tank top!  I was lucky to be able to get ahold of someone to teach my class as we were in route to the doctor.  Crazy ankles.

My eyes.  Another story.  I returned to the eye doctor on Wednesday because they still felt gritty.  I no longer had a bacterial infection, but am now dealing with an allergic reaction to whatever got in my eyes.  I have prescription eye drops for allergies and I purchased something called Eye Brite today as well.  My eyes feel much better except the right eye is fuzzy.  The letters on this screen are fuzzy, it’s  fuzzy when I read and it doesn’t matter if it’s something far away or close up.  The left eye is fine.  I’m sure once this stuff is full out, I’ll have better vision.  I hope.  If not, I’ll be finding an eye doctor that takes our insurance and getting that checked out!

Luckily, Lauren is fine.  No broken bones, no eye trauma.  Just a serious fall off a bicycle and a tummy ache this morning. 

It’s times like these that I really feel grateful.  I’m glad my eye is fuzzy and that I’m not blind.  I’m glad my husband and son can use crutches and ice and advil and that they still have all of their limbs.  I also feel that sometimes when stuff is out of balance in my life, I teach my best yoga class.  Why is that ?  Guess I’ll never know and just continue to feel thankful for the things that are going in the right direction.

Have a great weekend.