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Lizards and Hamsters and Cats, Oh My!

So.  What does one do with the kids while the internet is down?  Last Tuesday the kids were released at 1:00 from school and Lauren’s friend Maddy came home with us.  We carpool.  Her mom takes and I do the pick up.  We have a unique connection with Maddy.  I met her mom at the pool one summer when the kids were in first grade.  She was recently divorced and it turns out Maddy’s dad used to hang in a circle of friends that I had.  Small world. 

The girls were excited that school was out early and talked in the car about geeking all over Youtube, but guess what?  That didn’t happen.  The internet was down.  I told them to clean Priscilla’s cage instead.  Priscilla is the dwarf hamster that we inherited somehow.  We are down two pets though.  Our old cat Jasmine passed away recently and I sold our Crocodile Gecko on Craig’s List this week for $25.  I couldn’t figure out why the ad kept getting flagged.   Then I met the girl that bought the lizard.  She said you can’t put pets on Craig’s List.  I was like you can put a nekked body part in the casual encounters ads, but you can’t sell a lizard?  I’m confused.  Guess I should’ve read all the fine print.  Our fish tank is on there right now and no one has flagged it.  It comes complete with four fish that are fully clothed in holiday sweaters.  So if you’re reading this and want to flag it, go ahead. 

Jackson the white cat loves the hamster.  In fact, one time the hamster escaped from his ball during a cage cleaning.  Total devastation for Lauren.  I finally decided to think like a hamster and look in the messiest closet that we have.  Sure enough there was the hamster, hunkered down, hangin’ out.  It was a rough 24 hours around here though.  We tape the ball closed as a precaution now.

Jackson is missing the lizard.  He loved jumping on the top of the screen lid and thinking he could actually catch him!


Easy Sunday

We did have some weather yesterday.  Weather in the way of cold, nasty rain.  It later turned to sleet and then to snow!  I don’t mind March snow, it doesn’t last long. 

I went to yoga at 8:30 this morning.  A class just for me.  No thinking, no teaching, no trying to remember anything that I might take to one of my classes.  Nope, none of that.  It was awesome.  The only part that wasn’t awesome about the morning, was the getting in the car part.  My car sits outside.  It was pretty much iced over, but had begun to melt.  Fast forward to this afternoon. 

The day was sunny and bright and the kids wanted to go to our nature center, so we went.








On the left, is my niece Hannah, she was hanging out next door with granny today.  Lauren (my daughter) is in the center and Jordan (son) is on the right.  We saw some deer, chipmunks, some turkey, lots of birds.   Jordan even got a close up photo of a pretty good sized frog!  Lauren skipped her first rock today.  She was ecstatic!  Jordan can skip them for miles, the discus thrower that he is.  Hannah has a hard time skipping, but she didn’t really seem to care much about it.

There’s Lauren on the left and there’s me on the right.  This was taken at my favorite part of the trail, where the creek takes a deep curve or a bend.dsc00575  The water gets deeper, it’s very clear and you can usually see lots of fish!  It was up quite a bit, due to the moisture we’d just had.






We spent a couple of hours out there which isn’t hard to do! 

Spring break is now over.  Back to school for the kids tomorrow and back to adding three more classes to my week!  I’m glad.  I like my yoga schedule and feel that’s it’s more than just a net for catching days!