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Slipcovershop Dot Com

Back in November, my sister gifted us her furniture.  She usually changes furniture every few years and she’s gone through a gazillion couches!  Lucky for us this time, she gave one to us!  My mom and dad brought it with them (along with a leather ottoman/coffee table an end table  and a barrel chair from the house I grew up in) when they showed up for Thanksgiving. 

The only problem in November was this. 

We hadn’t really tried to get rid of our furniture yet.  And I don’t think my husband really wanted to let go of his huge sectional.  We ended up storing the new/used stuff cheaply for a few months.  We finally sold the sectional to someone he worked with and the ugly loveseat sold within a few hours on Craig’s List.  Highly recommended is Craig’s List by the way!  We’ve rocked out with it, buying and selling here lately.







The couch we inherited is a great casual style.  My sister purchased it new at Burdine’s.  The pillows and cushions are down- filled.  The sofa is around 10 years old now.  It was covered with a buttery, yellow duck fabric with lots of stains, lots of fading, a couple of tears and what nots.  Plus, there’s no way in hell a piece of furniture that light in color would last long around here as we really live in our home and we have 4 animals indoors.  I chose to cover it.  First choice would’ve been to have my sister make the slipcovers.  But, I’d have to fly her here so I weighed my options.

I surfed the internet and locally for someone to sew for me.  I can embroirder, I can cross stitch and I can sew on a button, but no go on running a machine!  I located this place in NY and I highly recommend them if you’re ever in need,  I chose their ready made slipcover then ordered 4 pillow coverings for the seat and back cushions.  I had the back pillow coverings made a tad bit smaller, as the down had really settled.  They have a wide range of fabrics to choose from.  They even sell the fabric if you want to sew something yourself!  Turn around time was only one week, and the price?   $300 with shipping, $1,000 sofa resurrected.



This And That

*Updated the appearance of this blog, used my own garden photo.  Perhaps I’ll start up a website with header photos that I’ve taken.  Do I need another business?

*Sister update.  The job offer never happened.  Just from that lack of communication, I told her that she most likely does not want to work there anyways.  Easy for me to say as I’m not the one without a job.  Her mortgage modification has not gone through yet, so this is looking bleak.  I hate it.

*Getting ready to break from MSU yoga!  Nice to have a bit more free time.  To do what?  Clean my house.

*Our son will turn 16 on March 8.  He purchased his first vehicle, a 1987 Dodge Dakota.  It’s a real lemon.  My husband can rebuild and loves any small engine repair.  He’s never overhauled a vehicle before.  But guess what?  He has now!  In our backyard he self taught himself how to change bearings and an oil pump in a vehicle engine.  In the cold weather at that. 

*I wish my kitchen was a small engine.

*When you own a truck, everyone wants your help.  When you can fix stuff, everyone wants your help.

*It’s sunny today and I am really glad.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 70’s.

*I have an infection of some sort on my eyelids.  Make-up, bacteria, viral or an allergy?  I don’t know.  It’s been a week and it’s not all the way gone.  I’m thinking about checking out the new walk-in clinic at Wal-Mart.  They take our insurance.  Now if they just had a post office!

*We sold our ugly loveseat on Craig’s List for $30 in less than 24 hours.

*We also got rid of our ginormous blue, velour sectional. 

*We inherited a sofa (below) that my sister purchased from Burdine’s. It will be slipcovered soon as we cannot have anything that light of a color in our house!  We also inherited a barrel chair from the house I grew up in, a cool white end table from Pottery Barn and a leather ottoman/coffee table.

*On the way to Pier 1 to check out a  $375 chair, I stopped at a flea market and found two chairs for $129.  Totally awesome.  I’m not into antiques, but I think they’re from the 30’s or 40’s and man, are they comfortable!  They do look cool and they’re in great condition.
















*The round glass coffee table is a split tree trunk and my sister made it.  I’m keeping it, but taking it apart and using the trunks for extra seating or something.  We’ve had it a long time and it went great with our sectional.

*Anyone need a huge piece of super heavy, circular glass? 

*Ignore the floor as it will be refinished and of course, doesn’t everyone keep sheet rock in their hallway!  We’ve been consumed by a 1987 Dodge Dakota!

 *I’m painting the frontroom and hallway blue. 

*You can park for 30 minutes at MSU for a quarter!  Perfect for dropping off paper work.  Beats an $18 ticket!

*Things that are marked “Dresden” and “Nippon” are great items to put on e-bay!

*I am so ready for the grass to turn green!