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The Garden In Pictures

garden cat







Jackson loves to help me in the garden.  Help as in chewing the asparagus and rolling around in the dirt!








Look at those sad sweet onions, this was after I weeded them.  There are three rows, too close together for the hoe, so I had to remove all the grass that had grown there by hand.  It was solid grass, the width of my yoga mat.  It actually looked pretty cool, but it had to go!

glass flower







Whenever I dig in the garden, I run across a lot of glass.  Mostly clear and brown.  I save all the pieces that are cloudy, a pretty color or the pieces that are earthenware.  I’ve uncovered some really unique pieces of old stoneware, mostly green in color.  Some have really funky textures.  Did people used to dump trash and bury it in our yard?  Who knows.


Nice looking broccoli and basil.  I harvested the cilantro and arugula before I shot the photo.  They were both up above my waist.  There was so much, I had to give some away.

Copy of 100_3888









Blue lake green beans, yum yum!  The thing about working in the garden, is you snack as you go.  I ate all the strawberries out of the box before I took this.








A reminder that my cup really is half full.  If I still had the business on this coffee cup, I wouldn’t have this garden, or two solid days to play in the dirt!  Check out that sweet potato plant.

garden wave







Weed free for a day!  Sending a garden wave your way.

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I teach yoga.  I didn’t always teach yoga.  I owned a video store, for 12 years.  It was as much fun as it was stressful and I must say, the money wasn’t too bad.  But that’s over now and I teach yoga whenever and wherever I can.  This morning, I had a class.  It’s a new class, in a new beautiful building.  Only one other person showed up.  My first teacher.  I was relieved since I had a party with a bottle of Merlot and myself last night, while I was trying to start this blog!  I had a bunch of great instructional CD’s on my iPod, so we indulged ourselves and took a class from one of our favorite master teachers.  After the class, we showed the new space around to a few folks who showed up late.  It’s a green building, with a  planted roof.  It’s really cool.  New classes are hard to start up from scratch.  If you have a needy group that wants a class, that’s a different story.  It’s Summertime, things will be hit and miss.  And if you teach yoga, you know exactly what I mean.