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A Full Week of Yoga

kirstenboundangleI’m excited for this week!  This is the week we will not have ice and snow and classes will not be canceled.  This is the week I can start my new class for MSU downtown, since it was canceled last week due to weather.  I will have 10 classes a week now, with a wonderful schedule of 9:00 to 1:00 every day (with the exception of mornings only on Fridays) and only one evening class per week.  Perfect when you have kids in school, out in time to pick them up!

Last Tuesday night, I didn’t teach at the Y, classes were canceled.  But none the less I heard some yogis showed up, those that were close enough to walk over.  Turns out, someone that’s interested in teaching took over and led the class!  I love to see that happen.  I’d just loaned him a bunch of great books and hooked him up with some resources so I’m glad he jumped in.

We really worked our legs today in some strong standing postures.  Lots of us had been inactive last week due to the weather, so I cranked up the heat with warrior I and II.  Instead of flowing today, we took longer holds.  We used our heels, pressing against the wall, felt the power of the legs, the stretching of the upper body and the firing of the hamstrings.  Needless to say, internal dialogue became not so internal with moans and groans coming to the surface.  I will say my legs are feeling it, even from the little that I did when I wasn’t walking and talking.  I’m sure that trekking up and down 38 stairs (twice) carrying a backpack and yoga mat had nothing to do with it all after walking a mile from a parking lot.  I shall not complain as I love what I do.

Today was also the beginning of a new month and I realized I had not sent out an e-newsletter to the yoga community since the New Year’s Day Mala.  February is heart month, so I did a quick search for info, made up something pink and pretty with plugs for the workshops at Teach to Inspire and hit send.  I’m doing a Freeing of the Shoulder Girdle this Saturday from 3:00-6:00.  I need to whip out my anatomy books, brush up on what moves what in what position and make some great handouts.  I love these classes and I’m always afraid I won’t have enough material, but low and behold, I can usually go on for hours.

Today was also a day where I would find out if an article I submitted for a yoga book would be chosen or not.  There were to be 25 articles picked from out of a couple hundred or so.   My article was not chosen, but I am really excited to see the ones that were.  This was the first time I’d submitted something that I’ve written.  I’ve never really considered myself a writer, but I do enjoy it very much so I’m sure I’ll try again at another time.

Speaking of writing, I need to check on my child and make sure she has those thank you notes written for her party gifts!  It’s getting close to bed time, hers and mine.

“Wake up and realize, you are surrounded my amazing friends” – not sure who said it, but I like it!

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Yesterday, January 24th was Yoga Day USA.  A nationally celebrated day set aside just for yoga!  A few years ago I put together a little stint at the Y.  I brought snacks, handouts and books.  The Y offered free yoga for a few hours and we had a really good turnout, which was surprising since the weather was unusually warm that year.  Three news stations showed up as well (must’ve been a slow news day) and when the third one arrived, I declined an interview.  Enough was enough, they were stealing  my zen!  My intention yesterday morning was to attend another Yoga Day USA celebration but I was also registered for a 3-hour Hamstring Health Yoga class that afternoon as well, so I skipped the party.  One of our local health clubs also had a special Yoga Flow class yesterday morning too and I’ve heard rumors that it was crowded, rock on!

The hamstring class was really, really good.  It was at Teach to Inspire, the new yoga and education training center.  Three solid hours of anatomy, some light partner work, good use of props and awesome stretching.  I don’t have tight hamstrings, I’ve always been able to just bend forward and touch my toes.  But not everyone can and little things like that keep people away from yoga.  Hello.  Please come to yoga if you cannot touch your toes.  It doesn’t make one bit of difference to us what you can or cannot touch.  But if it’s important to you, maybe we can help you get there in a safe way.  I will say that my legs felt very spacious (in a good way) the rest of the evening and it was great to come back to the little things, cues, ideas and instruction that we sometimes forget about once we establish a teaching rut. 

This morning, I made it to Sunday morning yoga class.  I returned to the studio downtown to take from a good friend, who took over for the person that left to start the training school.  She taught a great class as well.  She has one master teacher she loves and travels frequently to study with, so she whipped out some new ideas and also gave me a few great adjustments.  My body feels great!  It’s exactly what I needed as I start teaching 10 classes per week starting tomorrow!

After class, another yogini asked me to go the Moxie and see Slumdog Millionaire.  What a great movie!  What a great theater that was packed by the way.  They’re obviously rockin’ the house with the Oscar oriented films.  I remember those oscarmania days at the video store.  I’m not so much into it anymore.  I spent a LOT of time in that whole film snob realm and it’s nice to be away from it and exist in a world that’s not so, well, full of film.

My husband knows nothing of the pop culture thing.  In fact, that’s one of the qualities that attracted me to him.  For instance.  Last night, he stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live.  I didn’t.  So this morning I asked him who was the host.  He said (not kidding), “Weird Al Malkovich” and he was totally serious.  Nevermind that I own (and we have watched) the movie Being John Malkovich on VHS special edition, complete with nesting head dolls.  The guy is clueless and that’s of course, one of the things I love about him!

Anyways, go see Slumdog Millionaire.  It’s totally worth the trip out in the cold.