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Saturday At Stockton

Yesterday was a pretty hot day.  Almost too hot to go to the lake, but we went anyway.  Just Frank and I.  The kids were off doing their other weekend things.  We took the boat, some chairs, an umbrella, my floaty, some snacks (sushi) and some fishing poles and the camera.  We didn’t catch much but had a great day.

We saw a total of 4 boats all day.  That’s what I like about Stockton, it’s never that crowded.  Now a Saturday at Table Rock would’ve been a completely different and totally unrelaxing story.  We parked our boat here and played most of the day.

It was so quiet you could hear the flapping wings of this Turkey Vulture.  There were several out yesterday.  I saw two beautiful hawks as well.

While Frank was off fishing I was busy floating.  At one time I had 12 dragon flies on  my legs.  Eight on one leg and four on the other. 


This moth was pretty bland and gray on the outside.  Once she opened her wings she was quite the show.

We trolled the bank all the way back to the boat dock.  It was around six o’clock and the sunlight on the water was beautiful.

As we came around a bend I spotted this Blue Heron.  Frank didn’t stop trolling fast enough before we got into too much sun.  Then we were too close and it flew off.  Crazy boat drivers……just kidding.

We pass this old school house (and cemetery) on the way to launch the boat.  It has a high fence completely around it with with no tresspassing signs as well.  It’s a neat old building.  It’s near Aldrich or something.  I really have no idea of the exact location or town.

You can see inside of it and through the windows that were once there.

Woke up this morning to the hummers fighting over the feeder.  It’s a beautiful day I slept in and missed yoga.  I guess I’ll forgive myself.  Get outside while it’s still cool, I’m going to.


Fender Benders, Hamsters & Yoga

This has been a crazy week.  Totally crazy.  I’m talking about last week, that started on Thursday for me.   Frank has been on vacation and my dream was to finish the details in our kitchen that we remodeled two years ago.  After some serious moving of electricity (because I wanted a light switch on a different wall) that took most of the day on Thursday, we now have over head directional lighting.  It’s awesome, I love it.

 Two hours later we heard a loud thud outside.  Another transformer blown?  Someone else have an accident at the intersection?  Nope.  It was our son who had just ran his truck into the telephone pole in front of the church across the street.  Nice.  He’s been driving all of two months.  The road takes a little jaunt there and the curbing is all broken as people hit it all of the time.  We place the hubcaps that people lose when they side swipe the curb out against the street sign poles hoping they’ll see them on their way home from work.  Our son didn’t recover from the curb.  He hit the pole which sits an amazing two inches from the curb.  To make a long story short, he purchased part of a truck just like his for $300.  Together, father and son rebuilt the front end, tie rod ends and whatever else you need to steer a vehicle.  This took 4 days, and they just finished a few hours ago.  Amazing.  He can drive himself to school.

Our daughter attended a sleepover the other night.  The girl had two hamsters to unload.  Can I say no?  Nope, not good at it.  Never mind that we already have 3 cats, 1 dog, a fish tank, an alligator gecko and some hermit crabs.  What’s another thing to care for?  She’s in love with the hamster, completely.  I let her keep one.  She carried the cage around all day long outside, next door, or she kept it on the couch next to her.  Fast forward to 3:50 a.m. when our white cat,  Jackson decided to knock the cage off of her desk onto the floor in her room.  Lovely.  Hamster litter, busted up pieces of plastic cage and my child standing there wide eyed, with a death grip on a hamster.  Not exactly what one wants to view at 3:50 a.m. on a Monday.  I did not go back to sleep, I was wired and I will say I was angry.   When Lauren woke up the next morning, the fun began as we cruised pet shops for a new habitat.  I wanted her to have something easy to clean.  The easy to clean cages are not cheap, but it’s done.  Over with.  Hamster (Priscilla) has a happy home.





I still have no kitchen floor, no front on my bar and unfinished trim in my kitchen.  Priorities I know.  We’ve been having incredible weather for August, and I spent the beautiful Sunday morning at a wonderful yoga class, at a center where I’ll be teaching a class that starts this week.  I also spent some time on our deck, with my camera capturing hummingbirds.  This one is my favorite.



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The Floating Branch

Mourning Dove, Floating Branch

Mourning Dove, Floating Branch

 While outside yesterday, enjoying a Bud Lite Lime (not a big fan of beer but I love this one!) and painting the new trim, I couldn’t help but notice these doves over head.  There were two, but of course, one got spooked when I reached for the camera!  This branch in our walnut tree, is not attached to the tree, it’s stuck there from the ice storm or from some other blowing wind.  I’m waiting for the day when a bunch of birds land on it and it crashes down and they all fly away.  It will be like my own private cartoon showing!

hummingbird, chickadee and woodpecker

hummingbird, chickadee and woodpecker

I love birds!  I’m thinking about having a bird inside, but that’s another responsibility and financial burden.  The hummingbirds have been stopping in the droves and I love all the small birds that the finch feeder attracts.  That woodpecker, has a family, and two of the small ones show up as well.  They were fluffy and gray, Downy Woodpeckers I guess.  They are starting to get more black and white and hard to tell which ones are the babies.

I’m stalling, I need to go and buy that door to replace this!  Check out Jackson, lounging on the bar stool, he is so funny!

ugly door, new paint, messy counter

ugly door, new paint, messy counter