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Birthday In The Bamboo

Lauren turned 14 on Saturday, January 28th.  I told her no parties this year, but I changed my mind.  I was scheduled to enter into a medical study for some cash for two weekends in a row, so I’d planned on putting her birthday on hold.  But.  The study was moved and canceled for about the 12th time in a row.  I decided to host a party.

My good friend and baker, Kelli, was a great sport with short notice.  Lauren has shifted from Littlest Pet Shops to alternative music, skinny jeans, Hot Topic t-shirts and hair colored in an unnatural way.  Yep.  She’s 14.  One of her favorite bands is Falling In Reverse so I had Kelli put the lead singer on the cake.

This guy is totally covered in tattoos up to his chin and Kelli said it might be a bit much on the cake.  I told her forget the body art.  I guess Lauren is into bad boys, just like I used to be.  God help me, and her.  Several kids showed up.  A couple of them had actually attended WOLF with her and the others are classmates from Jarrett.  I ran to Little Caeser’s and picked up like 6 large pizzas for $40.  I got pop at Deal’s.  Sounds like we’re broke doesn’t it?

The weather has been really crazy warm and I do like it, but my mind is in January mode.  After we all chowed down I suggested that we head outdoors to the bamboo forrest around the corner from our house.  It’s a fun place for a photo shoot, so we all took loads of pictures.  I noticed that the city was down there yesterday sawing and clearing out brush.  I have a feeling that our beautiful bamboo forrest will be gone before too long as the city makes way for the green space on Bennett.  I hope not though, we love the bamboo, but I also realize it is incredibly invasive.

We walked by the creek and then the kids all headed to Phelps Grove Park to enjoy the rest of the day.  At dark they all arrived back at the house and piled in Lauren’s room for a movie.  I am so glad I took the time to redo her space.  Though it’s not large, it has a roomier feel and 7 kids were able to hang out on the floor, the bean bags and the bed playing the Wii and having a great time.

Later that night, we unsafely piled into my small car and I drove all over town dropping each kid off at their home base.  All in all.  Better than any medical study and the compensation I would’ve received.  Great day.  Great weather.  Great party!


Peeps & Yoga Are All That

This is a dangerous time of year for me. 

Every year I say, “No, I’m not gonna do it.” 

Peeps are pretty much available for all the holidays now, not just Easter.  But for some reason they taste way better in the spring than say they do at Halloween.  At Christmas they had gingerbread, sugar cookie and who knows what other flavors of peeps available.  I caved.  I tried some. 

They all sucked. 

To me anyways. 

Even the orange pumpkins at Halloween just aren’t up to the Easter par.  I’ve even figured out that if you buy the bunnies instead of the chicks, you get two extra, but they cost the same!  What’s with that?  I guess the chicks are more popular and they used to be my  first choice until I started going for more peep for my buck.  And I do mean a buck as they cost around .96 cents a package.yogapeep1

Today at the big box retailer, they had a ginormous candy isle.  My cart automatically turned to head that way.  My excuse?  I had to get some stuff for the kids ya know.  All of the candy was in order by color.  It was really pretty.  Orange peeps, orange M&M’s, orange jelly beans and chocolate decorated with orange stuff.  Same thing went for blue, green, yellow and pink!  You could totally overdose someone in neon blue Easter candy, stuffed animals and all.  But it was nice to see so much color on such a shitty day.  It’s cold, it’s windy and it’s starting to rain.

Why do I care?  I’m home, I’m warm and I’m on the computer.  I care because in 30 minutes I have to go to a track meet, that’s why!

The book in the photo is Yoga In America by Deborah Bernstein and Bob Weisenberg.  It’s awesome.  If you’ve been living in yogaland for very long at all, you really should take the time to read it.  The book is a collection of shorts from not so famous yoga teachers around the globe.  I submitted a story, but it wasn’t chosen.  I see why now.  Tough competition.  This book is filled with great writings of inspiration, laughter, personal triumph and tears.  I love it so far and I’m more than half way finished with it.

You can purchase the book if you’re interested through LuLu. 

The peep on the other hand is mine.  And so is that hot cup of coffee not pictured.