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Vacation Part I – Englewood, Florida

Anole in mom's garden, he was tiny and quick

intracoastal waterway
intracoastal waterway

Vacation.  Is over.  I’m back in the real world of laundry, grocery shopping and teaching yoga.  In a series of short words and photos, here’s what we did.  The first part of my trip was spent at my parents home in Englewood, Florida.  Pool time.  Frogs and anoles.  Movies.  Thanksgiving dinner.  Short walks to the beach.  Sunsets.  Finding sharks teeth.  Swimming in the Gulf.  Family.  Books.  Good snacks.  Sleeping late.  Exploring with my new camera.  Staying home, relaxing.

mom's bougenvilla
mom’s bougenvilla
sea turtle nest, the beach is full this year
sea turtle nest, the beach is full this year
beach at mom and dad's
beach at mom and dad’s
mice pool at mom and dad's
nice pool at mom and dad’s
pineapple in mom's yard
pineapple at mom and dad’s


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Tiny Starfish in the Intercoastal WaterwayI took my yoga mat with me on my vacation.  I never even unrolled it.  I usually take it out by the pool, or to the beach.  I’ve even checked out a couple of studios.  Not this time.  I’d like to think I was practicing yoga in the other way.  The off the mat kind of way.  Swimming in the Gulf, enjoying being in nature on the boat, relaxing in the pool, walking on the beach, and spending time enjoying good food and company.  Today was my first day back to teaching at the YMCA.  I teach two classes on Wednesdays, Y in the morning and the studio at noon.  I like the Y.  I feel I have a nice connect with my group there, and it’s usually a big group, up to like 17 people on some days.  Today was small at 6, due the the July 4th week I’m sure.  It was OK.  We got to play and take in some things we cannot do otherwise with limited space.  I really focused on back bending this morning and the little that I got to do, felt good to me as well.  The group wanted to hang out and talk a little bit afterwards.  I wasn’t in a hurry, so I did.  Whenever that happens, I feel like I’ve taught a good class from my heart, and it feels good.  Let’s see if I can do it again in the next hour!