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Where’s My Kitchen? Part 3

Our kitchen has been and still is, an ongoing project.  It’s OK though.  When we finish something it looks like we just got a NEW kitchen….again……this year. 

The latest was our track lighting.  It has elbows and we wrapped it around our pot rack. 


We’ve got nice lighting pointing at our counter now too, as well as dark corners.  Dr. Woo Hoo really shines now.









I love it.  I can totally blind myself with this lighting, which is probably not a good idea.  We’ve had our under the cabinet halogen lighting since we put our cabinets in and I do love them, but they get hot.  Really hot.  Especially if you’re using them ALL the time because there’s no other lighting unless you’re using the sink or the stove.  For instance, they can get so hot that the covers will just fall off.  I actually gave someone a batch of green beans in a clear plastic container not too long ago.  My friend called me later that night to ask me if a clear glass disc that says UV something meant anything to me.  I was all, heck ya, I’ll be right over.

Next up was that nasty, wooden window sill that I’d painted white about a million times because that’s the only way to keep it looking good, and that’s an understatement.  You can decide for yourself.  It always looks dirty, was not meant to get wet and definitely was not wide enough to hold anything except a cherry tomato.  Totally useless.  I took this photo after I sanded it down, cut the ends of it off and trimmed the edging in brown.  Huge improvement already.








But then, the coolness arrived.  Ozarks Cultured Marble.  You guys rock.  I’d forgotten about that place until fellow blogger Ann, was doing a bathroom remodel and it came back to me then.  Thanks for shaking my brain up.  We attached the new sill to the original sill with some carpet glue, because this totally looks like carpet.  Just kidding.  We couldn’t find our tile mastic.  Misplacing stuff is classic around here.  The cost?  A whopping $48, this piece measures 35 inches long in case you’re interested.    IMG_1223







Anyways, it’s totally gorgeous and functional.  The pattern is so neat.  And it’s not stone, it’s a paper transfer.  Can you believe that?  A paper transfer.  I can put my dish soap up there.  I can put a full size tomato up there.  Or hey maybe a gallon of milk, a full pot of coffee, or even a 2 liter!  It’s 4 1/2 inches wide, that’s a saucer people.


I played hookie from teaching yoga tonight.  The weather was awesome and the yard was flooded with walnuts, again.  I even hit the houses on both sides of us and I’m not done yet.  Thanks for the tips a few of you have sent me on free walnuts.  If I ever get this area finished, perhaps I’ll branch out.


Fender Benders, Hamsters & Yoga

This has been a crazy week.  Totally crazy.  I’m talking about last week, that started on Thursday for me.   Frank has been on vacation and my dream was to finish the details in our kitchen that we remodeled two years ago.  After some serious moving of electricity (because I wanted a light switch on a different wall) that took most of the day on Thursday, we now have over head directional lighting.  It’s awesome, I love it.

 Two hours later we heard a loud thud outside.  Another transformer blown?  Someone else have an accident at the intersection?  Nope.  It was our son who had just ran his truck into the telephone pole in front of the church across the street.  Nice.  He’s been driving all of two months.  The road takes a little jaunt there and the curbing is all broken as people hit it all of the time.  We place the hubcaps that people lose when they side swipe the curb out against the street sign poles hoping they’ll see them on their way home from work.  Our son didn’t recover from the curb.  He hit the pole which sits an amazing two inches from the curb.  To make a long story short, he purchased part of a truck just like his for $300.  Together, father and son rebuilt the front end, tie rod ends and whatever else you need to steer a vehicle.  This took 4 days, and they just finished a few hours ago.  Amazing.  He can drive himself to school.

Our daughter attended a sleepover the other night.  The girl had two hamsters to unload.  Can I say no?  Nope, not good at it.  Never mind that we already have 3 cats, 1 dog, a fish tank, an alligator gecko and some hermit crabs.  What’s another thing to care for?  She’s in love with the hamster, completely.  I let her keep one.  She carried the cage around all day long outside, next door, or she kept it on the couch next to her.  Fast forward to 3:50 a.m. when our white cat,  Jackson decided to knock the cage off of her desk onto the floor in her room.  Lovely.  Hamster litter, busted up pieces of plastic cage and my child standing there wide eyed, with a death grip on a hamster.  Not exactly what one wants to view at 3:50 a.m. on a Monday.  I did not go back to sleep, I was wired and I will say I was angry.   When Lauren woke up the next morning, the fun began as we cruised pet shops for a new habitat.  I wanted her to have something easy to clean.  The easy to clean cages are not cheap, but it’s done.  Over with.  Hamster (Priscilla) has a happy home.





I still have no kitchen floor, no front on my bar and unfinished trim in my kitchen.  Priorities I know.  We’ve been having incredible weather for August, and I spent the beautiful Sunday morning at a wonderful yoga class, at a center where I’ll be teaching a class that starts this week.  I also spent some time on our deck, with my camera capturing hummingbirds.  This one is my favorite.



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Is This My Kitchen?

Door After

Door After

Door Before
Door Before

You know, there’s something to be said for a $44 door and a super handyman of a husband……what a wonderful thing to see after work tonight!  Now, what to do with that original floor from 1954.   Tile?  Nope, it’s cold and I’m clumsy.  Hard Wood?  Nope, that’s what’s in the rest of the house.  Carpet?  No way!  My parents had that and if I’m right, I think it matched their dishes!  Linoleum Squares?  Why yes, we can afford that and they do have some cool looking heavy duty ones.  The ones in our bathroom came from Deals…..shhhhh, don’t tell anybody!

Great yoga class tonight, 10 people, fun crowd, thanks guys, it’s nice to be back at the downtown YMCA!

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Labor Day

Labor Day.  What else did we do?  Labor, that’s what!  A year and a half ago, in February to be exact, we tore out our original kitchen from 1954 when this house was built.  It’s a little kitchen and it’s a good thing.  We were able to afford the cabinets for it!  At first, I had a hard time getting used to it, my old place had like 30 feet of wrap around counter space a big dining table and a couch, a fireplace, a computer desk.  Heck who needed the rest of the house? 

I went to Lowe’s today.  I got the paint for the two tiny walls and some cheap composite trim.  Canoe.  Looks like melted Hershey’s chocolate in a can, I love it.  To make my day better, a good yoga friend called while I was in the car on the way there.  And then, as I was blazing out of the store, I saw another yogini and her boyfriend, studying hard at the design center.  I didn’t bother them, I know what that crap is like, you’re in pick it out and measure mode and you do not need any interruptions!

I painted, I taped, I sanded, I fixed plaster, I ate sheet rock dust (which is the worst mess ever, and it tastes pretty bad) and so on.  It’s painted and it looks great!  Our house, old as it is, has this clam shell trim that I really dislike.  I’ve burned a lot of it out back and replaced some, but I’d love to replace it all.  I tore it off the door frame from the laundry to the kitchen, and Frank put up the new, after I painted it of course!  

Tomorrow, I’m off to buy one of those bi-fold doors for the laundry/kitchen entrance.  There’s a regular door there, but it’s a hassle.  I close it every morning when I feed my 3 cats so the dog won’t eat all of their food.  I end up moving a lot of crap just so I can do this and it’s exhausting!  Our laundry area is a huge mess, that’s next on the list………….

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Where’s My Kitchen?

My husband was on vacation again, all week this last week.  We didn’t get around to the garage sale, they kept talking rain, but we did clean a little out to prepare for when we do have one.  We also put a bunch of stuff on Craig’s List and got rid of it, so that was a good thing!  We spent another day at Swan Creek, he fished two other days and played with his stuff the rest. 

So, where’s my kitchen? 

I swore he was going back to work today.  I got home from yoga after a super long coffee break with the girl who led the class, to find him home.  Doing what?  Finishing off the doorway to the kitchen!  I’ve wanted that arch and it looks like I got it!  I would have no idea how to make this, but he does. 

He also installed the last, lone outlet.  Now, the backsplash can be tiled.  Of course, he really is back to work tomorrow, so that will be another day. 

New Arch

New Arch

In yoga land, life has been good.  I have been the sub queen for the last couple of weeks and if you count what I subbed for in July, it’s like 8 extra classes!  On top of the extra classes and finishing up the Teach To Inspire website, I was putting together a workshop on the psoas muscle that I taught on Sunday. 

So what better way to prepare for teaching that workshop?  Go to yoga on Sunday morning!   I had a great group of people and a big group at that to my surprise.  It was another lovely, sunny, and cooler August day.  I’m sure people could’ve been elsewhere!  So, if you showed up for that, thanks a million.  I had a great time and I hope you did to!

Off to clean the sheet rock dust.  He makes the messes, I clean up and put the tools away!


Unfinished Projects


Project #1

Above is the table I’ve been working on.  This table, used to be raw wood and was in a dog pen in the backyard when I first moved here!  Why the dog had a table, is beyond me, but she did jump up on it from time to time to view the deck!  We still have the dog, but no pen, she stays indoors now.  I primed the wood, painted it and had a new sheet of treated plywood cut for the top just a few inches larger than what was already on there.  Bad idea #1.  I bought an adhesive/grout combination, which worked great as an adhesive, but not as a grout.  I mean, it might be great for grouting smooth surfaces.  But I found, when I grouted with it on this uneven surface, too much of the grout wiped away and the entire surface turned white like a sticky caulk!  I also used a sponge, like the product said to.  Bad idea #2.  A sponge will shred when you drag it across glass leaving bits and pieces, so a rag is much better!  So, I will grout it again, with some tough grout that is not already premixed.   I really enjoyed making this, so much that I’ve already purchased some more diamond cut mosaics to cover a round piece of glass that has been lingering around our house for awhile!  I got the glass above at Pottery Barn in Sarasota, FL for 1/2 off and I still have some left!

Project #2 Our Kitchen

kitchen after

kitchen after


kitchen before

kitchen before

This is not my dream house.  I had that once, but that’s another really, really long story!  This house is in a great location, with a great yard and it’s big enough for the 4 of us.  It was also built in 1954 and hasn’t had much updating.  Last February, we completely tore out our kitchen.  I mean totally!  We even knocked out a wall and opened it up into our dining area.  I chose natural Hickory cabinetry and I love the variations in the wood.  One problem.  They were really heavy.  We have some very funny, creative pictures of what we had to do when I got tired of holding up cabinets.  Stuff like a cooler on top of a ladder, braced with a 2×4.  My daughter and I had painted the fronts of the original cabinets to brighten up the room.  I sort of miss our work!  I am really fortunate to have a husband who can do just about anything, and will actually do it!  But, it’s time to finish the kitchen.  I forgot to mention, it takes us forever to get anything completed.  Why?  Because we do it ourselves, around jobs, kids and without borrowing any money!  What we have left to do, are little things.  Install just one more outlet.  Tile the backsplash.  Finish all the trim.  Put knobs on the cabinet doors.  Install overhead track lighting, re-install my pot rack and put the front on the bar.  Those exposed 2×4’s are really looking pretty redneck.  Last, install new floor!  I bought the backsplash tile today.  Cool little ceramic 1×2″ subway tiles in neutral brown/tan hues.  I’m going to pop a few out every now and then, and replace them with two 1″ iridescent glass squares.  If I can get the trim off the window above my sink, I will frame the window with that little glass tile as well.  That will rock out!  I’m going to go and pry that trim off right now!