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Spring Yoga Mala 2010


Spring Yoga Mala once again!  Join us on March 21, Sunday from 3:00 6 :00 p.m. at the Hammons Tower Club for 108 sun salutes!  We will move through 4 sets of 27 sun salutations with a short break between each set.  Instead of hangin’ out and snackin’ on the breaks, hydrate and join us as we break out in a Kirtan (call and response style).  Beth and friends will be chanting the Sanskrit mantras and Eric will accompany her on the drums. 

Curious?  Come check it out.  Do a sun salute, do 50, or just sit and meditate on the vibration.  Event is free with a suggested donation of $15.  All proceeds collected will be sent to Ramana’s Garden in India where a couple of yoga students are working right now!  Event is family-friendly and babysitting will be provided free of charge if you’re in need. 

This may be the only chance you ever have to wear your “day pajamas” in the Tower Club.  Physical address is 901 St. Louis Street, Springfield, MO.  

See you on the 22nd floor on Sunday! 

Sat Nam 

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Global Yoga Mala Musings

The Global Yoga Mala was awesome!  It’s part of International Peace Weekend and studios all over the world participate in some sort of, well, peaceful activity.  Meditation, yoga or something, for charity.  We held our event in an old Firehouse with the windows wide open.  The building backs up to the railroad tracks and now and then, a train would chug by.  It added a nice effect to the event.  The weather was really nice and the light filtered in softly.  The morning time slot was also a hit with everybody!  We had a decent turnout, probably close to 50 and raised a tad over $500 (before our event expenses) which weren’t that much.  Our collections went to Trees for the Future and SAAF – Springfield Animal Advocacy Foundation, no kill, animal rescue and shelter here in the burg.

I actually hung out and laid low.  I didn’t lead any sun salutes this time.  I didn’t talk on the microphone thru the warm up or the cool down!  What I did do was this; a bunch of sun salutations and shot a gazillion photos and some video!  Beth and Abbe did some harmony together for the last two rounds and it changed the energy.  It was really, really nice.  You can check them out below if you want.

I had positive energy the entire rest of the day.  I spent it out back, picking up walnuts.  It’s my sideline this time of year.  I’ve been known to haul in 1,100 pounds, we’ll see what happens this year!  The best thing you can do after the mala, is move!  I tidied up the deck, repotted plants, filled birdfeeders, stuff like that.  All good stuff!  I was not excited about the mala event yesterday, if you checked out my post.  That changed of course.  I love the Mala and look forward to it, as we try to do it four times a year.  I’ve never missed one and I probably never will (unless I’m sick, or dead). 

There is a lot of work for me to do after the event which is as follows:  I have to add a new Mala page to the website.  Then I have to edit, and drag the photos, one at a time, onto that new mala page.  Then I upload the video to youtube and insert their links on our site.  After that, I make up an e-newsletter to let everyone know how much $$ we raised, that the pictures are up on the site, and that the videos can be viewed. 

I know.  You’re thinking, big deal eh?  It takes time.  I get in a groove and can do it somewhat quickly.  Once I get started, I don’t want to stop.  So, last night, I stopped at midnight.  Today, I finished the site details and published them.  Then I made the e-newsletter and clicked to send.  All of this before I left to teach a class that started at 9:30 this morning (I got up at 5:45 a.m.) it’s all good.  I love doing it and now tomorrow, I can chill and work on my craft stuff, knowing I do not teach until 6:00 p.m.  Mala photos below, enjoy!

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Chakra Yoga Sunday

Every Sunday, I take a yoga class, just for me.  The first 30 minutes of the class are chanting, meditation and philosophy.  I love it, I do.  When I first came to yoga, I found the meditation part very difficult.  I was a “high energy” person and I really just wanted to “get on with the class.”  Sometimes, frankly, the meditation just – pissed me off.  I had a hard time sitting still, and I thought it was ridiculous, but I kept coming back for more!    

Now, I love to meditate.  I love the quiet, the stillness and sometimes the colors that I see.  I tend to get a dark blue circle, with gold around it so far.  Not asking, nor looking for anything.  It just shows up sometimes, and never stays for long.  I cannot meditate here at home very often.  Too much external stimulation.  I also have a harder time meditating all alone.  I find, when I’m with a group of people, large or small, I can sit there for a very, very long time.  Some days are easier than others.  Some days, I just feel like I’m getting situated, like I’m really getting started, and then, the bell brings us back.  This morning, was a great meditation day, we went 15 minutes and it flew by. 

We’ve been focusing on a different Chakra every Sunday.  Today was the throat.  We opened the asana class with a lot of Kriyas (actions) with different types of breath work, to open our throats.  We all know what it feels like to hold tension in that area.  I used to be a person who could probably go for an hour without swallowing (I’m not kidding) if something was bothering me.  Our mantram was, “Om Anandham Namha” translated from Sanskrit to, “my actions are free from attachment to the outcome.”  I like that one.  So, I let myself move through my practice today, without being too attached to it.  What I felt was gratitude, to the teacher, to the people in the class and to my body for allowing me to just “be there” this morning.  Yoga is cool like that. 

After class, I had coffee with another teacher who’s been playing with Tarot cards.  I’d never seen them, so she whipped them out and of course the reading began.  My past card was the Star.  My present card was the High Priestess.  My future card was the Lovers.  She had a little book and we checked their meanings out.  We drank our coffee, we laughed and felt thankful.  Even if our gratitude was only for tarot cards and coffee and the moment!