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Video Store Reminiscing #2

Back in the day, I owned a video store.  Lately I ran across something which I kept, because it was damn funny.  When customers would come in the store wanting a specific film, they didn’t always know the name of the movie.  So they made one up.  We logged their requests in our Alternative Title List and kept it our secret.  OK.  We did share it with those customers that could totally relate.  I’m going to share some of the hilarity with you right now.  I put the name of the film they were actually asking for in parenthesis.

Air Affair  (Air Up there), Johnny Nomadic (Johnny Nmemonic), Jurastic Park (Jurrasic Park), Silkwood (French Kiss – don’t ask me where that one came from), Last Night (First Knight), Tetnis (Tetris), Sleeping in Seattle (Sleepless in Seattle), Shattered Glass (Glass Shield), Timestone (Tombstone), Too Fu Manchu (To Wong Foo…..), Stagecoach (Tombstone), Grievance Dogs (Reservoir Dogs), Farewell My Cucumber (Farewell My Concubine), Shammy (Chameleon), Dust (Powder), Dumb & Dumble (Dumb & Dumber), Bean Bacon (Canadian Bacon), Total Velcro (Terminal Velocity)

Siblank Redemption (Shawshank Redemption)…..Shankshaw, Sharnsharnk, Shimshank…..I can’t even list how many options people had for the name of this film!

The Fern (The Firm), Rapaphobia (Arachnaphobia), Boys From the Side (Boys On The Side), Duhmanji (Jumanji), Don’t Drink Juice In the Hood (Don’t Be A Menace to Society While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood), Saved By The Bell Stripshow (Showgirls), Rural (Juror), Farrow (Fargo), The Fat Boy (Nutty Professor), Liz Claiborne (Delores Claiborne), Winning Exhile (Waiting To Exhale), Multiple City (Multiplicity), That Movie Where John Travolta Moves Shit With His Head (Phenomenon), Leavin’ Minnesota (Feeling Minnesota), Premarital Fear (Primal Fear), Tomahawk (Broken Arrow), 13 or 7 Monkeys (12 Monkeys), Let’s Get Shorty (Get Shorty), Marilyn Marilyn (Mary Reilly), Boys In The Bubble (Bio Dome), Spitfire Girl (Spitfire Grill), Soft & Sensual (Sense & Sensibility), Watercolors (Waterworld), While Youns Ere Sleepin’ (While You Were Sleeping), Young and Famous (Quick And The Dead), Moah’s Art, or Mo’s Art (Amadeus), Color Me Purple (Color Purple), Shoney’s Playstation (Sony Playstation, includes breakfast bar)!

Imagine trying to keep a straight face while behind the counter at a video store when someone was asking for some of this stuff in a very serious demeanor.  It wasn’t always easy.

kg3Me and my sister Jeanine, in front of the Jurastic Park car at a video convention.

kg11That’s me, with Charleton Heston in the early 90’s.  I have a lot of photos of me with famous people and if I ever find the time, I’ll scan and share.  I’ve got some good ones!

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Video Store Reminiscing

big-fish-4Years ago, I had a video store.  One April, the film Big Fish was released.  I was super lucky to have several talented people working with me.  One in fact, was and still is, an amazing artist.  She offered her skills and painted window sized art for many of our promotions.  This was the first window she painted and she did it on reverse!  From that painting on she chose to paint on the outside taking the risk that hoodlums might destroy her work.  They usually didnt! 

Right inside of our front door at the store we had a showcase that we changed out with different themes.  For Big Fish we filled the showcase with dafodils to mimick the dafodil field scene.  When we took the display down my daughter and I took the flowers to the cemetery by our house and placed them on all of the super old graves.








hellboy-3Another fun film she painted for was Hellboy.  Amazing detail, that you cannot even appreciate with that glare and reflection!  Once again, we scoured the city for action figures for our showcase.  We usually had a contest that folks could enter to win whatever we had in the showcase.  Big hit for kids and adults as well.









van-hel-1Enter Van Helsing.  Huge hit.  Something about vampire movies that drive people to rent in droves.  I found an awesome Van Helsing castle.  We put it together and once again, rocked out our showcase.  The person that won this about passed out they were so excited.










lotr-paint-3lotr-paint-2Welcome Lord of the Rings.  Thank you, Peter Jackson.  This film had an amazing run for us, and in turn, we had an amazing contest.  Once again we filled the showcase with a ton of action figures and had a drawing.  Check out that tree that Stacy drew on the glass below!  Awesome!  We also left Gollum on our front door for a very, very long time.  People loved him!


We ordered and sold, so many cardboard stand up figures, it was unbelieveable!  My daughter was in love with Legolas.  After convincing her that Legolas was really Orlando Bloom, she’s now in love with him!  We even took a cardboard stand up to the photo place at the Mall and had her picture taken with Legolas.  My mom picked that dress up in a thrift store in Wales.  How perfect is that?














shark-tale-2We also had a good time with Shark Tale.  We loaded the showcase with stuffed animals from the film and we did the same with Finding Nemo.

We had a good 12 year run with this video store.  We were pretty much forced to close in September of 2005.  There are days I miss the business and of course all of the people who helped make those 12 years possible.  I was blessed with a wonderful group of employees!

But today, I am thankful that my days are filled with less film, in more ways than one.

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Yesterday, January 24th was Yoga Day USA.  A nationally celebrated day set aside just for yoga!  A few years ago I put together a little stint at the Y.  I brought snacks, handouts and books.  The Y offered free yoga for a few hours and we had a really good turnout, which was surprising since the weather was unusually warm that year.  Three news stations showed up as well (must’ve been a slow news day) and when the third one arrived, I declined an interview.  Enough was enough, they were stealing  my zen!  My intention yesterday morning was to attend another Yoga Day USA celebration but I was also registered for a 3-hour Hamstring Health Yoga class that afternoon as well, so I skipped the party.  One of our local health clubs also had a special Yoga Flow class yesterday morning too and I’ve heard rumors that it was crowded, rock on!

The hamstring class was really, really good.  It was at Teach to Inspire, the new yoga and education training center.  Three solid hours of anatomy, some light partner work, good use of props and awesome stretching.  I don’t have tight hamstrings, I’ve always been able to just bend forward and touch my toes.  But not everyone can and little things like that keep people away from yoga.  Hello.  Please come to yoga if you cannot touch your toes.  It doesn’t make one bit of difference to us what you can or cannot touch.  But if it’s important to you, maybe we can help you get there in a safe way.  I will say that my legs felt very spacious (in a good way) the rest of the evening and it was great to come back to the little things, cues, ideas and instruction that we sometimes forget about once we establish a teaching rut. 

This morning, I made it to Sunday morning yoga class.  I returned to the studio downtown to take from a good friend, who took over for the person that left to start the training school.  She taught a great class as well.  She has one master teacher she loves and travels frequently to study with, so she whipped out some new ideas and also gave me a few great adjustments.  My body feels great!  It’s exactly what I needed as I start teaching 10 classes per week starting tomorrow!

After class, another yogini asked me to go the Moxie and see Slumdog Millionaire.  What a great movie!  What a great theater that was packed by the way.  They’re obviously rockin’ the house with the Oscar oriented films.  I remember those oscarmania days at the video store.  I’m not so much into it anymore.  I spent a LOT of time in that whole film snob realm and it’s nice to be away from it and exist in a world that’s not so, well, full of film.

My husband knows nothing of the pop culture thing.  In fact, that’s one of the qualities that attracted me to him.  For instance.  Last night, he stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live.  I didn’t.  So this morning I asked him who was the host.  He said (not kidding), “Weird Al Malkovich” and he was totally serious.  Nevermind that I own (and we have watched) the movie Being John Malkovich on VHS special edition, complete with nesting head dolls.  The guy is clueless and that’s of course, one of the things I love about him!

Anyways, go see Slumdog Millionaire.  It’s totally worth the trip out in the cold.