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Saturday At Stockton

Yesterday was a pretty hot day.  Almost too hot to go to the lake, but we went anyway.  Just Frank and I.  The kids were off doing their other weekend things.  We took the boat, some chairs, an umbrella, my floaty, some snacks (sushi) and some fishing poles and the camera.  We didn’t catch much but had a great day.

We saw a total of 4 boats all day.  That’s what I like about Stockton, it’s never that crowded.  Now a Saturday at Table Rock would’ve been a completely different and totally unrelaxing story.  We parked our boat here and played most of the day.

It was so quiet you could hear the flapping wings of this Turkey Vulture.  There were several out yesterday.  I saw two beautiful hawks as well.

While Frank was off fishing I was busy floating.  At one time I had 12 dragon flies on  my legs.  Eight on one leg and four on the other. 


This moth was pretty bland and gray on the outside.  Once she opened her wings she was quite the show.

We trolled the bank all the way back to the boat dock.  It was around six o’clock and the sunlight on the water was beautiful.

As we came around a bend I spotted this Blue Heron.  Frank didn’t stop trolling fast enough before we got into too much sun.  Then we were too close and it flew off.  Crazy boat drivers……just kidding.

We pass this old school house (and cemetery) on the way to launch the boat.  It has a high fence completely around it with with no tresspassing signs as well.  It’s a neat old building.  It’s near Aldrich or something.  I really have no idea of the exact location or town.

You can see inside of it and through the windows that were once there.

Woke up this morning to the hummers fighting over the feeder.  It’s a beautiful day I slept in and missed yoga.  I guess I’ll forgive myself.  Get outside while it’s still cool, I’m going to.

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R.I.P. Jas Cat

Meet Jasmine.  Twice a year I have her shaved and have for quite some time.  She’s old and can no longer take care of her coat and hates to be brushed by me.  She has long, beautiful, soft fur and looks like that cat in the movie  Meet The Parents. 

We got her as a kitten of 6 weeks old in 1990.  She passed away quickly and comfortably wrapped in a warm towel on Thanksgiving night.  I think she waited until our big day was over and every one was home.  It was nice.  Our house is super quiet now.  She would wake up really early, or sometimes in the middle of the night meowing her throaty meow wanting food.  She ate little, but often and it was getting rather exhausting for sure.

In the past few years she dwindled away to a weight of just over one pound.  Her skin was loose, and her bones were sticking out all over the place.  But she was still spunky in the way that she could get up on the stove and steal a sausage out of the pan.  Our other two cats are totally not into people food so I am missing sharing my own morsels with Jasmine.

We have two other cats.  The orange one, Jake is proably 14 or 15.  The white one, Jackson is 3.  I think the dog really misses Jasmine.  She was very caring in the way of cleaning her ears very often.  I think animals can be depressed because the dog has been sleeping on a pillow in our room since she passed.  Today is the first day she’s been hanging out on the couch.  Nice to see her out and about  for sure.

I am so happy I didn’t have to take Jasmine to the vet like I had to with another old cat to be put to sleep.  One day Jasmine was good, and two days later she was gone.  That’s exactly how I wanted it to be, holiday or not.