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Yogini Sisterhood Birthday Party

I started feeling funky on Friday, so I skipped swimming Friday evening.  I was OK with that since I swam Monday, Wednesday and Thursday too!  I had to teach a class Saturday morning, as it was my turn.  It was cold and rainy and I was feeling spent.  But an hour later, I had to run to the other studio and lead a yoga birthday party.  I love these, they are so fun.  Here’s some pictures from the party.


Most of these girls had never taken a yoga class before.  I so love it when that happens and I love it even more when they love it!

They even brought their own cake, in the shape of a yoga block!  I provided fruit and hot tea.

Thanks guys for a great time!  Hope you all were introduced to something that will stick with you forever today.

Happy Birthday to the three of you that were celebrating.

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Valentine’s Day Canoe Box?




Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last night was create the Valentine box night.  Lauren attends a conservation based 5th grade (WOLF) so she wanted something wolfish.  We decided on a canoe, then of course, we had to figure out how we were gonna make it happen.  It all worked using one small box, some construction paper, wooden chop sticks and pipe cleaners.  Though she didn’t win the contest, her friends loved her boat! 

They had their Valentine party this afternoon and in the morning they had a field trip to Bois D’Arc.  That’s where the archery and shooting ranges are located.  They also do nature based crafts.  She’s one of a handful of kids that won’t shoot the guns out there.  She cannot close the proper eye and she doesn’t like it covered.  It’s ok.  She still had a great time and made an awesome birdhouse (the kind you tack to a tree) out of wood instead.

I can’t believe how grown up she looks in this photo!!


The Energy of 11 Year Olds



Lauren will be 11 on January 28th, to be exact. 

Last year for her birthday, I went temporarily insane and let her have 7 girls spend the night.  We don’t have a huge place, no basement, one living area, 3 bedrooms and an office.  We had kids camped out in her bedroom and some on the front room floor.  It was wild  (putting it mildly) and I will never, ever do that again!  So of course this year, she wanted to have another sleep over.  No way.  In lieu of that, we had one of her best friends from her home elementary school spend the night last night.  It’s amazing, how well they play and how quiet they were, until ELEVEN at night!  What’s with that?  So until around 1:30 a.m. we had quiet shrieks, giggles and footsteps up and down the hall.  Exhausting.  I’m old.  Word to those who don’t have kids yet.  Do it when you’re in your twenties.

The weekend after next, she will have one girl from WOLF School spend the night.  Then we’ll have a few girls from her home school, over for lunch and cake.  Growing up, we always had birthday parties.  It seems now, people just don’t do it.  I’ve talked to so many parents who just give me a weird look when you say “birthday party” I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s old school and not cool anymore.  Maybe kids just stay home with their parents and have dinner or something, I don’t really know.  We’ve even asked kids to come “gift free” or make a donation to the Humane Society ’cause we sure don’t need anymore crap around here.  Don’t get me wrong.  Kids always come to the birthday party when we have one, it’s just that not many other kids have one theirsevles.  I’m thinking next year, we won’t have a party, but will do something as she is getting older.  Like have a friend spend the night, go to the movies,  or go to the pottery place and make some cool stuff.

So I guess the question is, what’s up with the birthday party banning?  Anyone?



Where Did 14 Days Go?

My sister and her daughter, Ava flew home last night.  It was her longest stay ever, 14 days.  It went by so quickly!  Of course, I still had my normal schedule of yoga.  On top of that there were added appointments.  The doctor, orthodontist, a cross country track meet, homecoming a birthday party and the craft fair!  In between all of that “stuff” we managed to have some fun, and get pedicures.

We hit 3 parks in town!  Fassnight, Phelps Grove and Meador.  Here’s the girls collecting leaves.  Lauren was teaching Ava about trees.  They were really studying some tree sap mighty hard!  Part of what Lauren is doing at school.  They’re into forest ecosystems now!

Jordan looked great in his rented attire.  His date wore a short, light tan dress with pink edging.  I ordered her a pretty light pink wrist bouquet!  He got home a tad after midnight.  We all went right to bed.  He had to run at Springfield Lake at 8:30 a.m. the next morning, Cross Country meet!  I was dead, so was he.  I didn’t have to run a 5K, I’m just old.

He took advantage of Saturday afternoon and slept.  Us chicks headed out to a wild birthday party for a 10 year old.


 My good friend the baker, even made a belated birthday cake for my sister.  Party Pizazz!

We also hit Rutledge Wilson Farm after school one day.  Lauren spent a week out there for Farm Camp and knows the names of all the animals.  She wanted to show them to Ava.  Plus, we planned on picking a pumpkin, but the patch didn’t open for picking until 5:00, but we could walk inside and take photos.

On their last day, Sunday, we checked out our sweet potatoes.  Not big enough yet, letting them go a bit longer.  We also took Ava to Bradford Park.  She’s sporting her duck Webkinz and is in her bird phase.  Not only can she identify several types of birds, she can also identify a wide variety of plants. Simply amazing!  

After the duck pond, we hopped in the car for our road trip.  Back to the airport in Bentonville.  A first for us.  Highly recommended.  Small airport, easy drive and less hassle than KC or STL.  That is, if you can’t fly from Springfield.  I captured this sunset from a convenience store on a hill at Sedalia.  It was nice, driving home by myself.  I enjoy my alone time. 

Now they’re back home in Florida, where she can finish painting her cute little house.  Thanks for a great visit guys and come back soon!!

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Cakes Gone Way Wrong

One of my best friends, is a cake maker.  Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, you name it.  She’s made a ton for us and in return, I made a little web site for her.  See Party Pizazz and click on the kid’s cakes!  She truly is an amazing artist and baker.  Her stuff is not only pretty and creative, it also tastes really, really good.

This cake, is not hers. 

We're off to see the Wizard........

We're off to see the Wizard........

I borrowed it from a hilarious blog, it’s called Cake Wrecks.  Check it out for a barrel of laughs.  It’s hard to believe that these are actually REAL cakes that went wrong, or I guess, to some people, they’re just plain OK!!

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Party Like a Rock Star

I never need an alarm to wake up on time.  I just KNOW when I have to get up, and I do.  I had good intentions yesterday.  I was to meet my good friend for yoga, have breakfast, talk Sante Fe.  I looked at the clock at 5:30 a.m. Then, I listened to my body and went back to sleep!  Too much snorkeling.  Too much hauling the rocks around the yard landscaping.  Not to mention, I picked up some great ones at Swan Creek.  I did finish grouting the table.  Too much elbow grease, tile is hard work, I am still sore.  Can’t wait to polish the dust off that thing later today (after 2 yoga classes) and see how it shines!  Anyways, she called me at 9:00, wondering if I was OK.  We talked for an hour and she had another student this morning!  How exciting! 

I’ve mentioned before, how many cool people I’ve met thru yoga.  Last night I went to a party with a good yoga friend.  It was an invitation only party (another yoga friend invited me) to a private showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s film Notorious at the Moxie, followed by goodies (including champagne) at a wonderful place down the street.  I’d forgotten how good that movie was!  And of course the food afterwards was fantastic.  It was also a chance to wear something decent and mingle with people I didn’t know.  It was fun.  Thanks for the invite and a super great thanks to the birthday girl who knows how to throw a party!

I’m liking this blog thing.  I like to write.  Finding it very therapeutic.  Kind of like yoga.  The cheapest form of therapy that I know!  I’m posting a funny, but very short video below.  My son loves this group of kids on youtube.  And, I must say, this one is pretty funny! 

Off to shower for yoga.  Got a new haircut yesterday, we’ll see if I can even come close to making it look like it did yesterday!