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Trick or Treat

IMG_1359Halloween.  Once you have kids, it becomes a pretty busy day.  I spent yesterday with my daughter Lauren, carving a pumpkin and decorating a spooky, chocolate cookie, haunted house from a kit.  You’ll have to excuse the jungle in the background.  I brought all of my plants in quick like last week and they barely made it past the back door.

I did manage to squeeze in one movie for myself today.  I watched the Proposal and it was much better than I thought it would be.  Since Lauren was home, I opted for something PG-13 friendly.  Frank has been stuck at the mall for all eternity.  He hasn’t had a day off since like September 22 or something.  It’s bad.  But that should cease soon.  You’d really think that people need jobs right now, but you know when there’s drug testing involved that narrows it down quite a bit.  Every Halloween a gazillion people take their kids to trick or treat at the mall.  So that means every Halloween my husband has to work there until they close or later.  So that pretty much leaves Lauren and I on our own for Halloween since our son is almost 17 and has all of a sudden created a life of his own. 

We usually go all out for Halloween.  I’ve collected myself and been given Halloween decor forever, since the 31st is my birthday.  Not this year.  This year my winter clothes are still in the attic with the Halloween decor.  It’s the first year ever, that this has happened.  Our attic is hard for me to access as it requires dragging an 8 foot ladder into the house and down the hall.  Then of course, a second individual is needed to toss things to.  I didn’t have it in me to tackle it.  Frank felt bad, but it’s OK.  When he’s been home he’s been too exhausted to do much of anything.  I also felt a bit relieved yesterday when I noticed all of our pumpkins were still in the attic and I wouldn’t have to spend the next couple of days packing them away.

Once it was almost dark we headed over to Carrie’s house.  It’s been a tradition for several years to eat, drink and trick or treat the neighborhood with them.  Lauren was a Kandy Korn witch (minus the hat, it was itchy) and Mady was a ghoul of some sort.  We all agreed she looked a lot like Ozzy Osbourne with the little round glasses.  


My little niece Ava who will be 5 this week said, “Uncle Frank probably made that broom from stuff in the backyard!”  I had to laugh and I probably broke her heart when I reassured her it was a real broom.  Frank’s pretty good at making and fixing stuff but we all had to crack up over that one!


Carrie’s friend Chris stopped by and hit the candy trail with us.  He happened to be dressed in all black.  Pants, belt, shoes, socks and shirt complete with black hoodie and long black coat.  He sports a moustache and a chin beard and he also wore black sun glasses.  We couldn’t decide if he was a terrorist or the grim reaper.  He said he wasn’t even dressed up he was just on his way downtown to the pub crawl.  We had to laugh.  Anyways, he scared the crap out of a lot of folks on the trail and not necessarily on purpose.  In fact, he’s very theatrical and he broke out singing several show tunes while we treated as well.  One guy came to Carrie’s dressed like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.  Chris serenaded him with the entire Scarecrow song from the film and it was awesome fun.  That’s Chris by the car port on the left being creepy spooky.


Back at Carrie’s, the kids dumped out their loot on the table while we enjoyed another glass of wine and goodies of our own.  Lauren ended up spending the night over there.  Jordan was doing his own thing late into the night with his girlfriend’s family so he wasn’t home either.  When Frank got home we got to talk and hang out, something we hadn’t been able to do in a great while.  All in all another great Halloween birthday bites the dust.  Hope yours was spooky fun as well.

The sun is shining again today and I’m thinking it’s time to clean up more walnuts.  Too late to sell them though, but danger lurks.  Frank and Jordan will work all day.  And then, after the mall closes, they will stay and help put up the massive Christmas decorations.  Anyone up for decorating for Christmas today?  Perhaps I’ll swing into the attic like a monkey and get down the winter holiday decor.  Just kidding. 


Where Did 14 Days Go?

My sister and her daughter, Ava flew home last night.  It was her longest stay ever, 14 days.  It went by so quickly!  Of course, I still had my normal schedule of yoga.  On top of that there were added appointments.  The doctor, orthodontist, a cross country track meet, homecoming a birthday party and the craft fair!  In between all of that “stuff” we managed to have some fun, and get pedicures.

We hit 3 parks in town!  Fassnight, Phelps Grove and Meador.  Here’s the girls collecting leaves.  Lauren was teaching Ava about trees.  They were really studying some tree sap mighty hard!  Part of what Lauren is doing at school.  They’re into forest ecosystems now!

Jordan looked great in his rented attire.  His date wore a short, light tan dress with pink edging.  I ordered her a pretty light pink wrist bouquet!  He got home a tad after midnight.  We all went right to bed.  He had to run at Springfield Lake at 8:30 a.m. the next morning, Cross Country meet!  I was dead, so was he.  I didn’t have to run a 5K, I’m just old.

He took advantage of Saturday afternoon and slept.  Us chicks headed out to a wild birthday party for a 10 year old.


 My good friend the baker, even made a belated birthday cake for my sister.  Party Pizazz!

We also hit Rutledge Wilson Farm after school one day.  Lauren spent a week out there for Farm Camp and knows the names of all the animals.  She wanted to show them to Ava.  Plus, we planned on picking a pumpkin, but the patch didn’t open for picking until 5:00, but we could walk inside and take photos.

On their last day, Sunday, we checked out our sweet potatoes.  Not big enough yet, letting them go a bit longer.  We also took Ava to Bradford Park.  She’s sporting her duck Webkinz and is in her bird phase.  Not only can she identify several types of birds, she can also identify a wide variety of plants. Simply amazing!  

After the duck pond, we hopped in the car for our road trip.  Back to the airport in Bentonville.  A first for us.  Highly recommended.  Small airport, easy drive and less hassle than KC or STL.  That is, if you can’t fly from Springfield.  I captured this sunset from a convenience store on a hill at Sedalia.  It was nice, driving home by myself.  I enjoy my alone time. 

Now they’re back home in Florida, where she can finish painting her cute little house.  Thanks for a great visit guys and come back soon!!