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Dinner Time

Today, we were up fairly early. 

My dad, his dive buddy Scott and myself were at the boat dock by 8:30 a.m.  Lucky for us, the boat dock is just minutes from the house.  My dad has a 27 foot Twin Vee Catamaran and it’s a pretty decent boat to take out into the Gulf.  We only headed out 3 or 4 miles this time.  They’d already staked out a place for diving, a place where there are several concrete culverts that are homes to lots of fish.

It was a great day for diving, but not such a great day for pole fishing.  I didn’t catch a thing.  My dad caught several.  I think that spearfishing is somewhat unfair, but I’m sure I’ll let that slide as soon as we finish dinner.  We boated 1 Grouper, 4 Red Snappers and 2 Triggerfish.  Oh and we got one Blue Crab too.  All are excellent eating. 

Triggerfish, good eating for sure!

My dad Bob.  Grouper, awesome eating for sure!

Scott and Bob bringing the boat in.

Blue crab.  He was floating on the surface.

It’s awful nice to know that I have like 26 more days or so to get those white legs of mine nice and tan!

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Pottery Without The Wheel

We headed to Stockton Lake for a day of play on Sunday. 

Copy of 100_4080

We also had to retrieve our daughter.  She was already down there camping with friends that we met years ago when I was teaching a Family Yoga class at the YMCA. 



The weather was looking creepy but we headed out none the less.  It continued to look creepy when we arrived for quite some time.   We didn’t care, it was still hot. 



We went ahead with our business of grilling hot dogs, riding the inner tube and making clay. 


Yep.  Clay.  The girls found a bunch of red clay in this one area and brought it to our hang out.  I couldn’t stand it.  I had to feel it, which led to crafting.  When the clay started to dry out we had an entire lake full of water to soften it up.  By the end of the day we’d made so much stuff we had to leave some it of there.



At one point, the girls covered their arms and legs in it.  I tried it on my arm, let it dry then jumped in the lake.  My skin came out feeling super smooth.  I was surprised by how easily it rinsed from our skin.  And just think, some people pay oodles of cash for this at a real “mud spa.” 

Copy (2) of 100_4110100_4108







Some of the thicker pieces were still a bit damp, but the thinner ones turned rock hard in the sunshine.  So yesterday after the cleaning cycle finished on my oven, we decided to put the clay in there.  The oven was still very hot from the cleaning cycle.  The clay came out dry and some of it turned out very smooth from being in the oven.  Who knew?  I know without these creative kids, it’s not something I would’ve picked up.  Thanks guys, for a great day!

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Here in Missouri

The weather here in 100_34561Missouri is ever changing.  For instance on Saturday, February 28th, we had this!  I took this from our deck out back.  That walnut tree belongs to my in-laws and it’s really big!  I love the red barn.  It belongs to a little old lady two doors North of us.  She’s almost 90 and was born in the house that goes with the barn.  There’s still a water pump in her backyard, the hand pumping kind!  She parks her car (that she no longer drives) in the lower level of that barn.  I love looking at it when it snows, or when the huge red bud trees are in bloom against it!



 Fast forward to yesterday, Sunday, March 8th.  We woke up to this before a little rain storm.100_3460






 Now that’s what I call a cloud with a silver lining!  It was around 8:00 in the morning, facing East, from our front steps.  I have a couple of others with birds flying through the photo, it actually looks pretty cool.  Ok.  I’ll share.  What a beautiful sky!  I’m really glad my husband yelled at me to get the camera. 100_3461 






Today wasn’t a particular beautiful day in the sky, but it was in the 60’s.  I only had to teach one class this morning and then chose to take a huge hike at the Nature Center.  I saw a total of 6 deer, 3 big, wild turkeys and some chipmunks.  I love the nature here in Missouri and I can’t say that the weather is all that bad either!