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Seriously Sushi

I am still cleaning.  And I am cleaning more than I ever thought that I would. 

When I started cleaning the IMAX theater, it was just Saturdays and Sundays.  That’s now turned into Fridays too.  I also clean there on Thursdays whenever needed.  I’ve decided that I have a tendency towards craving and aversion with the theater.  Total love hate relationship for sure.  When I wake up at 4 in the morning and drag myself out of bed, I often ask myself, “What was I thinking?”  But that goes away pretty quickly.

I don’t have to look good and I can wear whatever I want.  I have also lost 11 pounds since I started this job.  Woo Hoo!  I am getting an amazing workout and I am getting paid to do it!  Very cool.  I can pretty much run up and down the IMAX stairs now, without the fear of tripping over a cord and breaking my neck.  I’ve learned what I can and cannot sweep up.  For instance, napkins, straws, soda pop bottle lids, licorice and the plastic that 3-D glasses come packaged in, can pretty much wreck your day.  What I can sweep up pretty much and a lot of, is this.

I mean really.  This is actually a minor popcorn spill compared to some that I’ve seen.  I do realize accidents can and will happen.  I think otherwise.  So bascially, I hate to admit it, but yes.  I’ve developed a bad attitude towards 80% of the movie going public in general.  Some people leave everything they bought or brought inside the theater.  The stuff that people bring in there is mind blowing.  Curious?   I thought so.

Bottles of liquor – all sizes.  I even found an empty fifth of 7 & 7.  If it wouldn’t have been empty, I would’ve been tempted to finish it off.  Granted it would’ve been like 5:30 a.m……just kidding.  Cans of beer in lots of cool and interesting varieties.  Lots and lots of Skoal, in cans and unfortunately in spit cups.  Gross!  Packs of cigarettes, brand new and opened.  Some folks don’t/can’t eat the popcorn shell, or kernels.  So they chew up the popcorn and then just spit out the kernels on the floor!  I know, gross.  The kind people put it in a napkin and leave it there for us.  The really kind people, take it to the trash can on the way out.  Lots of candy, some of it brand new in the box.  All I know is this.  If I paid $5 for a box of candy, I’m taking it with me when I leave that place!  Jackets.  Cell Phones.  iPods.  Hats.  Debit and Credit Cards.  Spare change.  Thank you all for the tip.  Please leave more, we totally deserve it! 

The list goes on.  Wallets.  Hair bows, bobby pins and headbands.  Dirty kleenexes.  Fingernails.  I know.  I guess 50% of the public actually bite their nails at the movies.  I suppose they think that those things just disappear when the lights come on.  Food wrappers from Subway, Steak-N-Shake, McDonald’s (fries still intact).  The biggest and funniest thing I’ve found so far was this.  A round sushi tray, complete with chop stix and two artifical flowers.  Awe.  What a sweet date night!  But really, that thing was the size of a pizza pan.  Speaking of pizza.  One time we tossed out 14 pizza boxes from the IMAX and found pizza slices on the floor.  I often wonder what was the average age of the people who saw the movie the night before.  Is it only kids who trash the theater in this way?  I don’t think so.

Let me tell another little story.  I am in line at the grocery store.  Some ladies are talking about going to the movies.  They said they took their grandkids and just told them to leave all their crap in the theater because it was so incredibly expensive.  Nice.  I was very tempted to say, “Hey.  The theater has to pay a cleaning company to pick that crap up and maybe that’s why the treats are so high!  The longer it takes us, the more it costs them.  But I get paid by the hour, so go ahead, leave it all.  Please drop a $5 with that mess if you don’t mind.”  But I kept my mouth shut.

I like the job.  I do.  I also started cleaning another place, a commercial building.  It is sheer heaven compared to the theater.  I think cleaning anything would be heaven compared to the theater.  But I had no idea because this is all new to me.  Well.  I have seen that film Sunshine Cleaning, so that would be worse I guess!

Yoga is still rockin’.  I drove to Mt. Vernon yesterday and did a restorative class for 2 1/2 hours so that was pretty decent dough.  I am thankful I have yoga and I am thankful I can clean when I’m not doing yoga.  I love the idea of being flexible and getting into something I really never considered doing.  I have met so many cool people through this job. 

For instance.  I clean with one person that’s just about totally deaf.  I’ve cleaned with one person who’s also a probation officer and worked as a corrections officer.  I’ve cleaned with single mom’s, college students, high school students and people with a couple of degrees.   I totally think differently about people who clean for a living now, that’s for sure.

Off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.  The theater’s clean, but I teach yoga at 4:00.  Did I mention that I don’t have a complete day off anymore?  Big deal.  I am heading to Florida on June 11th and will be gone with my kid until the 27th.  And I am really appreciating the fact that I’m going on vacation this year, much more than the year’s gone past.  My brother is flying to Florida as well and it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen him so this is going to be a super cool and very fun time.

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Total Relaxation

This has been one crazy week for me for reasons I won’t bore you with.  But last night totally made up for all of the extra stuff I had to take on.

My good friend and fellow yogini, Abbe, was holding a Restorative Yoga class last night.  I decided I was going even though Thursday nights are deemed family night around here.  That’s about the only evening that someone doesn’t have something going on someplace. 

Awhile back I blogged about a yoga student that wrecked her bike while riding the Katy Trail.  She’s a very active senior of 80 and she’s done a lot of cool things.  Things like joining the Peace Corps later in life, building a house with her daughter all alone, and penning a book about that whole process that she just published.  

She lives close to me and since she was in a back brace for about 6 weeks I delivered some quirky movies to her cute little house.  One of the movies I loaned her was called Gigantic.  She loved it and so did I.  Her back brace has since been removed but she still has a couple more weeks until she can return to a regular yoga class. 


I stopped by her place yesterday to see if she’d like to attend Abbe’s Restorative Yoga class with me.  She wanted to go and I was glad.  I picked her up in my new to me Volvo.  She has an ’87 wagon.  Too funny.  We headed to the north side of town to the beautiful old Firehouse where the class was being held.  We settled in quickly with all of our props.  I provided a bunch of yoga blankets and threw a couple of bolsters in my trunk as well.  Nothing like running out of props in a class of this nature.  I wasn’t going to take any chances.  We spent the next hour and a half in several supported poses of rest and relaxation.  All the while Abbe stopped by with some magnificent oils on her hands for aromatherapy.  Good stuff like lavender and balsa, it was total and pure bliss.  No other words needed.

After the class another yogini friend of mine who lives in the district opened up her cool loft for a potluck dinner.   She lives in the upstairs and the downstairs houses her art studio.  She makes beautiful mosaics and metal sculptures.  She’d prepared some wonderful Thai food (my guest was excited having lived in Thailand once upon a time) and so was I.  Who doesn’t like coconut curry?  Probably someone, but definitely not anyone that was there last night.  The wine flowed, the cheese and crackers were nibbled upon and then it was time for dessert.  I whipped up a calamundin pie in a square pan for easy bite size morsels.  I still have lots of frozen juice from when my mom was here last.  That went over very well and it’s neat to bring something that’s tasty and very different.

Calamundins on the vine

We left the party close to 10:00 p.m. as I didn’t want to have my friend out too late.  It’s easy to forget someone’s physical age when they are so full of life.  I know in another post I mentioned I’d like to be a lot like her when I’m 80.  Right down to the practicing yoga, owning a Volvo and a cute little house.  Scratch off the Volvo.  I’m loving my new (old) car.

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Yoga of Family

I didn’t go to my usual Sunday class this morning.  I am spent.  Busy day yesterday that included a three hour class with a master teacher from Chicago.  The entire class was all based on the shoulders.  One of my tightest areas indeed.  I’m still feeling the class today and the stuff we did involved no weight bearing, except a downward facing dog or two!  Most of it was new, or old stuff I’d forgotten, so that’s a good thing.  It will be put to very, very good use! 

Sharing yoga is unique concept.  And every now and then, I’ll get a call to go off site someplace.  For instance this Saturday, there’s a brunch for the women physicians of St. John’s.  It’s a pamper yourself theme.  I’m heading over and doing a couple hours of restorative yoga for them.  I really enjoy gigs like this.  The people you meet, and the places you get to go.  Just being in that moment, helping people reconnect with their bodies and opening them up to relax in new ways.

Speaking of places.  I had lunch after yoga class the other day with a friend and her husband.  We were talking about yoga adventures and how awesome it would be to just take off for three months and teach in Costa Rica, take some classes in India or do some volunteer work abroad.  Of course, with no obligations or responsibilities, it would be plain cool is what it would be.  I don’t have a trust fund and I have a family.  Her husband told me this story.  Here goes………..

There was once a Sadhu (saint) visiting a family.  The family, was curious of the life of the Sadhu and vice versa.  The Sadhu was instructed by the devine to go outside, into the cold, windy night with a lit candle.  He was to walk around the house three times and keep the flame from burning out.  After three times around, he came back inside the house.  He was excited, the candle was still burning.  “You did well”, complimented the devine.  “But did you remember to call my name?”  “Of course not,” said the Sadhu, “I was too busy trying to keep the flame alive!”