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An Afternoon With Misha

This past Sunday was a beautiful one weather-wise.  I’d been going non-stop since my return from Florida, as our daughter wanted to reconnect with every, single friend that she missed during the 45 days that she was gone.  I finally got to sleep in Sunday morning, which meant I missed yoga.  Last minute, in the middle of the day, I decided to take a class from someone I’d never heard of. 

I headed out to meet Misha and take her Dharma Mittracol1_photos7 class.  Misha had taken Dharma Mittra’s training and has been teaching his yoga in Japan.    Dharma Mittra is 70, and he’s known for his yoga poster of 908 or so postures.  Most centers sport one on their wall for decor.  I’ve clipped every article I’ve ever read about the man.  I think he’s amazing.  My favorite photo of him ever is one like this.  That’s actually him pictured left.  Keep in mind, there’s another photo that I cannot locate, in the same pose except he has his arms extended along the sides of his body.  Handless headstanding, on a sewer cap, in NYC. 

Back to Misha.  This was Misha’s first class to teach in English and you would have never known.  She led us through some meditation and chanting then we broke into Dharma Mittra’s Level II Vinyasa series.  I love a flow class, I do.  But this was a bit slower, tougher and man was it long!  I think one vinyasa lasted 15 minutes or more.  We did it twice and I loved it!  I liked the sequence and I believe my body did too.  I did come home afterwards  and work in the garden for two hours, so I’m not sure where the soreness is coming from.  Probably from both activities.  We ended our class with a nice supported corpse pose, Judith Lasater style with a guided relaxation by Dharma through Misha.

This was a great class, something new to me and a good practice.  I’ve also been enjoying the yoga ropes at Dynamic Body this summer as well.  Think I’ll stick with that for awhile too.  It feels good, it’s not at a place where I teach and it’s all for me.  Sounds selfish doesn’t it?

Enjoy the day.

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Sewing Surprises

On Tuesday, I felt like it was Friday, but today, I am back to realizing that it really is Thursday!

Our son has been super busy.  New job, new girlfriend, a trip to the lake, a trip to Six Flags.  You name it.  I can’t keep up.  His truck did pass inspection, so registration, insurance and a driver’s license will be next!  Our daughter is still away, so I’m only dealing with one schedule.  I have nothing to complain about.

I took my niece and her two friends to my FREE yoga class on Tuesday morning.  It’s a big class and it’s so much fun.  The girls had a great time and I hope we can do it again before school starts up.  After all, it’s only July.  100_3945







My parents breezed through town on Tuesday as well.  So I drove to a Wal-Mart where they were getting gas and eating at Subway for a short visit.  Lauren learned to sew!  She’d made a pillow case, a purse from a pattern and a beautiful blanket!  Aunt Kathy taught her in Wyoming.  I’m glad, she was so excited and said, “Look mom, I know how to use the surger!”  I on the other hand, have no idea what a surger is.  I’m bummed, she’s learned something I cannot help her with when she gets home.  But perhaps she can teach me!  They should reach home, in Florida today!

Speaking of today, after I jam on this e-news letter update about an awesome workshop for a friend, I’m heading to a different studio to take a ropes class.  Been wanting to do this for quite awhile now, so today I start.  For the next five Thursdays, I’ll be a swinging, monkey, yogini!  I’d better get going.  Enjoy the day!