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Shrug Your Shoulders

tti-shoulders-4I had a total blast leading this Shoulder Workshop last Saturday at Teach to Inspire.  There were 6 or so from the training program, then another 6 or so from other places like the studio or the YMCA.  Beth’s new place is warm and inviting and I love being there.  The floor is soft bamboo and the walls are bran muffin with wine colored accent walls at either end.  It’s just the right size and glows with warm energy!  I must make it there this Sunday, to take a class, just for me!

I was worried I wouldn’t have enough stuff to fill three hours.  Think again.  I could’ve went on and on.  I left one whole idea out (it was using therabands for strengthening the shoulders) and I do not regret that one bit.  I did think of several other things we could’ve put to good use afterwards of course.  So we put them to good use today in my noon class.  I had someone show up with a tight neck and shoulders, so the class turned out to be “pretty workshoppy” and it was fun!

The next class I’ll be doing over there is the Psoas Muscle Workshop.  I really like that muscle, it’s cool and has a lot going on.  I did this class once before and was extremely well attended, so I’m excited to put it together once again.  I can’t believe this is work, it’s so much fun!!!

tti-shoulders-3Thanks to everyone that showed up and made this class so much fun.  I really had a blast!


A Full Week of Yoga

kirstenboundangleI’m excited for this week!  This is the week we will not have ice and snow and classes will not be canceled.  This is the week I can start my new class for MSU downtown, since it was canceled last week due to weather.  I will have 10 classes a week now, with a wonderful schedule of 9:00 to 1:00 every day (with the exception of mornings only on Fridays) and only one evening class per week.  Perfect when you have kids in school, out in time to pick them up!

Last Tuesday night, I didn’t teach at the Y, classes were canceled.  But none the less I heard some yogis showed up, those that were close enough to walk over.  Turns out, someone that’s interested in teaching took over and led the class!  I love to see that happen.  I’d just loaned him a bunch of great books and hooked him up with some resources so I’m glad he jumped in.

We really worked our legs today in some strong standing postures.  Lots of us had been inactive last week due to the weather, so I cranked up the heat with warrior I and II.  Instead of flowing today, we took longer holds.  We used our heels, pressing against the wall, felt the power of the legs, the stretching of the upper body and the firing of the hamstrings.  Needless to say, internal dialogue became not so internal with moans and groans coming to the surface.  I will say my legs are feeling it, even from the little that I did when I wasn’t walking and talking.  I’m sure that trekking up and down 38 stairs (twice) carrying a backpack and yoga mat had nothing to do with it all after walking a mile from a parking lot.  I shall not complain as I love what I do.

Today was also the beginning of a new month and I realized I had not sent out an e-newsletter to the yoga community since the New Year’s Day Mala.  February is heart month, so I did a quick search for info, made up something pink and pretty with plugs for the workshops at Teach to Inspire and hit send.  I’m doing a Freeing of the Shoulder Girdle this Saturday from 3:00-6:00.  I need to whip out my anatomy books, brush up on what moves what in what position and make some great handouts.  I love these classes and I’m always afraid I won’t have enough material, but low and behold, I can usually go on for hours.

Today was also a day where I would find out if an article I submitted for a yoga book would be chosen or not.  There were to be 25 articles picked from out of a couple hundred or so.   My article was not chosen, but I am really excited to see the ones that were.  This was the first time I’d submitted something that I’ve written.  I’ve never really considered myself a writer, but I do enjoy it very much so I’m sure I’ll try again at another time.

Speaking of writing, I need to check on my child and make sure she has those thank you notes written for her party gifts!  It’s getting close to bed time, hers and mine.

“Wake up and realize, you are surrounded my amazing friends” – not sure who said it, but I like it!

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Yoga of Family

I didn’t go to my usual Sunday class this morning.  I am spent.  Busy day yesterday that included a three hour class with a master teacher from Chicago.  The entire class was all based on the shoulders.  One of my tightest areas indeed.  I’m still feeling the class today and the stuff we did involved no weight bearing, except a downward facing dog or two!  Most of it was new, or old stuff I’d forgotten, so that’s a good thing.  It will be put to very, very good use! 

Sharing yoga is unique concept.  And every now and then, I’ll get a call to go off site someplace.  For instance this Saturday, there’s a brunch for the women physicians of St. John’s.  It’s a pamper yourself theme.  I’m heading over and doing a couple hours of restorative yoga for them.  I really enjoy gigs like this.  The people you meet, and the places you get to go.  Just being in that moment, helping people reconnect with their bodies and opening them up to relax in new ways.

Speaking of places.  I had lunch after yoga class the other day with a friend and her husband.  We were talking about yoga adventures and how awesome it would be to just take off for three months and teach in Costa Rica, take some classes in India or do some volunteer work abroad.  Of course, with no obligations or responsibilities, it would be plain cool is what it would be.  I don’t have a trust fund and I have a family.  Her husband told me this story.  Here goes………..

There was once a Sadhu (saint) visiting a family.  The family, was curious of the life of the Sadhu and vice versa.  The Sadhu was instructed by the devine to go outside, into the cold, windy night with a lit candle.  He was to walk around the house three times and keep the flame from burning out.  After three times around, he came back inside the house.  He was excited, the candle was still burning.  “You did well”, complimented the devine.  “But did you remember to call my name?”  “Of course not,” said the Sadhu, “I was too busy trying to keep the flame alive!”