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Twenty Percent Yoga, Eighty Percent Cocoa

Yoga and chocolate.  Two of my favorite things.  And I was fortunate to enjoy both, blissfully today! 

I started my morning at the studio participating in a class taught by a good friend of mine.  She moved us in a wonderful way.  The weather was warmer today and I believe that had all of us in a giddy mood.  Made for lots of laughter in the yoga room today.  Not a bad thing at all, not a bad thing at all.

Shifting to this afternoon.  I helped my good friend show her stuff at the Art & Chocolate Show downtown.  She had stirred up a confection of sweet melodies with a guitar, a jukebox some chocolate vinyl and a microphone.  100_3483







We gave away samples of chocolate cake with chocolate truffle filling topped with vanilla cream and a little chocolate round on top.  Good stuff, people loved it.








Our table was close to the front door and we were conveniently located next to the Gallery Bistro and Gilardi’s.  Not a bad slot to be in.  Gilardi’s was serving up some awesome chocolate salami covered in a warm chocolate sauce.  It reminded me of a chocolate cookie dough (a really good chocolate dough) as it was rolled in a log, sliced and served. 









This is a yearly show sponsored by our Art Museum.  You have to create something in chocolate, anything.  There were truffles, cakes, syrups, ice creams, cookies and more!  One place even had (get this) brisket with chocolate sauce!  I was hesitant.  I was on a sugar high.  Meat really wasn’t on my bliss list.  But as I walked by their table this guy asked me if I’d tried it yet.  I said no I hadn’t but my friend had (and she really had) and said it was pretty tasty.  He then told the guys working the table to fix me up some of that chocolate brisket.  Then he asked me to look into his camera as I tried it.  Nothing like capturing a true expression.  Who knows when and where that photo will surface!  It was delicious.  I really didn’t notice the chocolate, but I’m guessing it was probably there!   

To chase all of this cocoa down there was a milk, wine and coffee bar.  They had one band in the main area and an acoustic musician in another.  I came home with a container of a little bit of everything to share with my family.  Chocolate and yoga, what a great day!

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Gettin’ Crafty With It

This past weekend was the Craft Fair in Ozark, MO.  We met a lot of really nice people, looked at some really cool stuff and of course, some not so cool stuff.  I purchased the neatest bird feeder, made from a car tire, cut to look like a sunflower. It’s amazing it really is!

This was our first venture and man was it a success!  We’ve already reserved space for next year and plotted our marketing strategies!  We had a small space and we’ll keep it that way, low cost.  On Sunday, the people on one side of us left, so we scooted over.  We were really packed in there tight!  My pictures reflect that empty space and we could no longer utilize our pretty back drop.  But you can get the idea of what we were doing a little bit anyways.

We could’ve really used the space behind us, or set up a bit differently too.  But we had no idea what the “barn” looked like, or how it would feel.  But now we do!  It was a lot of work, especially on Friday.  It was super busy and we had BOTH girls with us most of the day!  Thank god for the park and the river, without that, we would’ve never made it!  The weather was great the entire weekend.  I somehow managed to get a few photos.  I wish I would’ve had the time to take some more.  There were a LOT of dogs there.  Dogs wearing visors, dogs wearing sun glasses, dogs being pushed in “dog strollers”, and dogs wearing outfits!  Instead of people watching, we were enjoying dog watching, too funny!

Now it’s back to yoga and chilling with my sister the rest of the week.