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Tao Afternoon Delight

sunlit-bridgeThis morning, I missed my Sunday yoga!  I’d been hard at it, grouting the tile in the kitchen last night, which does look great, and I still had lots of clean up to do.  But, this afternoon, I made up for it!  Steve Eiffert, did a great presentation on Tao teachings (I love all things Asian) and energy movement.  The turnout was really great and so was the class!

We listened to Steve lecture a little bit then we did some moving of energy with a partner.  Really interesting stuff.  We also did some basic Tai Chi (I’ve never done any) and it was really cool.  He had all of the elements in chinese calligraphy on paper.  I thought it was cool, because I have a glass mobile here at home with the same elements painted on it.  It was acutally a gift, from the girlfriend that I shopped with this evening.  He showed us some Tai Chi, that we could do every day, that corresponded with those elements.  My mobile, now, has an entire new meaning when I look at it.

There were some good questions asked and good discussion as well.  I think people are hungry for more of this type of thing.  I know I would like to learn more.  Excellent way to enter into an Evening Of Giving at the Mall with a good friend.  They had a wine/cheese/chocolate fountain bar in front of Old Navy.  Can you guess where we spent our time?  Not too much though, there were stores to browse!  The Garbonzo’s were strolling around playing tunes, the Jarrett band played as well, Santa Claus was out and my husband was cruising on the Segway.  We spent most of our time in Dillard’s.  All the stores tacked on an extra 20%-30% off the already marked sale price, so stuff was cheap.  I bought a knit cap, two long sleeved shirts and two pairs of earrings.  Total of $80, and that’s a lot for me!  I really love Lucky Brand stuff, but it’s ridiculously expensive.  The top I was after was not on sale (of course) and I can’t justify paying $69 for a long sleeved T-shirt, really.  I will wait, it will be on e-bay and if it was meant to be, it will be.  It was red, with Geisha girls and I loved it!

Looking forward to teaching yoga in the morning, looking forward to being off this week from teaching yoga at MSU as well.  It’s going to be a busy week of food, family and fun.  Hope yours is too!


Too Much at Once

  • Orthodontist consultation for our daughter today.  $5,200 for upper and lower braces.  Her teeth aren’t bad, bite does need correction, not an emergency.  We have no ortho insurance, we will hold off a year, and shop around!
  • While I was at this ortho appointment, the person scheduled to sub my yoga class………forgot to show up.
  • Later in the afternoon, while cleaning the studio, the vacuum cleaner bag exploded on me!  Serious mess.  Way worse than when I started. 
  • Picked my kid up from school, only to find out they were in lock down.  Bank very close by had been robbed.  Dropped her home, got another sweeper, finished the HUGE mess.
  • Tile is up around our kitchen window, this took all of two hours to complete, but two years to get around to it!
  • Cruising on the group e-mail newsletter for the yoga community.  Lots of things are happening.  New location for the Yoga Education Center, additional classes and lots of other things, all good.
  • Good things are needed on crazy days like today!
  • My husband and my son deer hunt.  It grosses me out. 
  • His family actually process the deer here at the house, which blows my mind.  I’m not from a farm.  My parents weren’t either, nor are my parents elderly.  I don’t get it.  My kitchen, was a butcher shop the last few days.  My mother-in-law can process a deer all by herself. 
  • After this week deer season is not over for us.  There’s like black powder season, bow season, trip a deer with a wire season, rope a deer when it runs by season……it just goes on….and on!
  • If we could plan the finishing of the kitchen, like we do the deer hunting, we would’ve been done before we started.
  • My childhood dollhouse is out of the attic and my kid loves it.  Haven’t seen her that happy in awhile! 
  • The yoga studio parking lot, is full of leaves from the Gingko trees.  Totally made my day today, wish I had a camera phone, to capture that pile of golden beauty!
  • Off season track has started for our son.  He’s into something new.  Indoor meets.  You get your own self there.  They’re held out of town.  This will cost money.  We will figure out how to budget and go, somehow!
  • My parents will be here on Tuesday.  They’ve closed their last video store, and are officially retired…I think.  My stepdad is only 53, so we’ll see on that one.
  • My parents are bringing their camper and parking at Lake Taneycomo.  I’m thinking, I will spend a night or two down there, check out the Landing in B-Town.  Only been once, I’m not into much shopping. 
  • Evening of Giving is Sunday at the Mall.  It’s cool and I always get free tickets, cause I have the hubby hook up. 
  • Sad thing is, that after this busy weekend, I’ll be too tired to go!
  • Saturday restorative yoga for the female physicians of St. John’s, I’m looking forward to new faces, new places and helping people relax. 
  • Sunday I’ll go to yoga class followed by a Tao Workshop.
  • They’ll have free wine at the Evening of Giving.
  • I might talk myself into going.
  • Stay warm and enjoy the weekend.