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Today’s Find

The parents took Mady and Lauren to Busch Gardens today.  Why didn’t I go?  I’ve been there, it costs $75 to get in and it’s not very relaxing, that’s why.

I hit the beach by 8 a.m. and after an hour and half, this is what I found.  The teeth were harder to find today.  The last couple of days the beach has presented huge bars of shells, which is where a lot of the teeth get caught up.  With a little raking you can find what I’ve got below in a short amount of time. 

Today was a different story.  The shell bars were mostly gone.  What remained was no wider than one foot.  So, I had to resort to standing at the water’s edge.  I like doing it that way.  But it can also make me rather dizzy.  And you have to be fast.  The ocean gives just as quickly as it takes.  You might see the coolest tooth ever and then watch it be taken away just as fast as you saw it.


I also found a ton of mouth plates that belonged to stingrays.  They are pictured on the left in the photo above.  They’re like a little rectangle with slats in it.  I like finding those.  I also found a nice barb from a stingray, but my kid took off with it.  I’m sure it will surface sometime soon.   My folks have prehistoric horse teeth, and bones from mastadons as well.  I found a big bone this evening, but I don’t know what it’s from. 

I pick up almost everything that is black.  You might find a vertabrae from something, or a drum fish tooth.  Both of those items are round.  I like the way that the fossils can be different colors.  Some are black, some are gray and some are more of a brownish or orange in coloring.  It all depends on what color of sand the fossil has spent its lifetime in.  This area here has the largest contintental, coastal shelf, so that’s why the fossils are in abundance.  I know some people have found teeth in the rivers of the Carolinas as well.  But mostly they are found right here, where I’m at, right now!

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Sharks Teeth, Web Sites and Yoga, Oh My

I am subbing this evening.  Never subbed for this class before, and frankly I am looking forward to it!  Started the morning out with what else?  YOGA.  Then enjoyed a damn near two hour breakfast with my friend that I practiced with.  Turns out, she has lots of gardens and so do I.  So on Wednesday, she will eat dinner with us and we will trade plants!  I’m excited to see what she brings.

I am entering a craft fair in October in Ozark, MO this year.  I recently sold almost all of my jewelry at the family reunion.  We had an auction and man did it go.  The kids loved the sharks teeth necklaces.  So yesterday, since we have no money to do anything else, I searched around for what I could do.  Make jewelry is what I came up with.  It required being indoors, it was like 96 yesterday!  Got a lot accomplished.

I did the jewelry between breaks from web site designing.  Just got the front page up for a yoga teacher friend who is starting a Registered Yoga School (RYS) here in our town!  No more travel to KC or STL for lots of people, how nice it will be!  I am not a web site designer by schooling.  It all started way back when I owned my video store.  I needed a web site and I didn’t want to pay $3,000 for one.  So, I played and figured it out!  Since then, I’ve designed 5 other sites for friends with small businesses.  It’s such a great challenge and a good learning experience for me.  Plus, I dig the computer and I might as well be using it in a constructive and positive fashion!

My daughter is busy attending Farm Camp this week and my son is busy sleeping late.  I believe we are off to go order yet another discus.  He’s a record breaking track and field star and you may see him in the olympics someday!!!