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I’ve decided that I weigh too much, or maybe I’m just too short.  Yeah.  That’s it, I’m too short.  I love the warmer weather when I can ride my bike to work and get exercise in that way.  I do see lots of people riding bikes in this kind of weather, but I just can’t get into it.  Maybe that’s because I’ve never tried it, who knows.  I saw someone ride by when it was close to zero.  They were so bundled, I don’t know how they could ride.  His head was totally wrapped with a scarf, then covered by a ski mask.  Then he had a motorcycle helmet (complete with shield) over that.  I’m thinking that person didn’t have a choice.  I also love to walk in nature when the weather is good, or not so good.  I’ve been known to head to the nature center when it’s going to storm.  So far I haven’t been struck by lightning with my car keys in hand.

I work at the YMCA so I can go there for free.  But do I?  Nope.  Why?  I have no idea.  I think sometimes when you work someplace, you just want to leave there when you’re finished.  I love the water.  I love to swim and years ago, before I had children and I owned my own business, I would drive all they way across town to swim at the Y at six in the morning.  It was kind of intimidating.  Why you ask?  Because it was a bunch of athletic business guys and me.  I’d been reflecting on that time way back when during that one winter where I swam away and I really enjoyed it.  

The quest was on.   I had to get a one piece bathing suit because my flaw hiding, designer suits just weren’t going to cut it for lap swimming.  I don’t think anyone I know likes to go swimsuit shopping, especially in the wintertime.  Since we live where we do bathing suits aren’t readily available this time of year.  So I did what any computer geek would do.  I ordered three, online.  I scored as one fit.  I scored again because when I peeled it off (and was thinking that the pattern was too busy for me) I found out it reversed to black on the other side.  Awesome.  Black is good, especially when you only sport six inches from your navel to your pelvis.  Next up I had to find a pair of swim goggles.  MC Sports usually has this sort of thing.  Not this time of year.  They had plenty of flippers and masks but no Speedo goggles.  I was bummed, thinking this was yet another item I would have to order online.  Then I remembered Bass Pro!  Heck it’s right up the road from where we live.  They had a ton of Speedo goggles. And they had the junior size for people with smaller heads like myself.  I was ready to swim.

Our Y offers lap swimming early in the morning, during the lunch hour and right after work from five to six.  I didn’t feel like doing early morning again.  I wanted to do the lunch hour, it’s less crowded, but I will be teaching every single day at lunch with the exception of Friday.  No complaints there.  So the five to six time it would be.  I headed out on Monday night and got there ten minutes early.  People (men) were already swimming, so I chose a lane that was not roped off and hugged the wall.  I didn’t feel like getting trampled.  It had been a long time since I’d swam like this.  Would I last longer than five minutes?  Yes, yes I would.  I swam laps for thirty-five minutes with a few short breaks.  I did what most people do when they start out.  I swam too fast.   I was excited.  The water felt good and I was really happy to be there.  Even if it was just me, and a bunch of other guys, I got over it.  I’ll be going back and who knows, maybe I’ll continue through the nice weather.

Feeling stuck in your exercise routine?  Try something new or return to something you once loved.  I think that’s the key.

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Slip Slidin’ Away

ice-lionYesterday, a wintery mix blew in.  I started out the day teaching a yoga class.  I had a short window before my next class which I spent purchasing a parking pass at MSU, which involved explaining to them my unique situation over there, and why I only want to pay $2 for each day that I’m there.  It’s like groundhog day, every……single…….time.  Luckily for me this time, the guy got it and I was on my way!  I parked my car.  I bundled up and headed over to the student union to exhange paper work.  Then, I had to trek back to the stadium to teach my class.  When I arrived, I noticed my little yellow book was not in my backpack.  Where was it?  Oh man.  This book is more important to me than my iPod.  Every time I read or hear something I love, I write it in this book.  It’s full of stuff that would be absolutely meaningless to someone else.  The room I teach in was full of students working out.  I usually have to kick them out as they stay right up until my class starts.  Did one of them see it sitting on the stereo cabinet and take it for spite?  I got lots of dirty looks when I asked people to leave yesterday.  If you teach yoga, you know that the last thing you need is extra stress before your class. 

And this week we’ve had some.


Meet Milos.  He’s Frank’s dad, my father-in-law and he lives right next door and has for 50+ years!  He’s 84 and sharp as a tack, hilarious and one of the coolest guys that I know!  He’s an avid outdoorsman and goes to the woods whenever he gets the chance.  He still fishes and hasn’t missed a hunting season in 49 years.  He’s active in AmVets and drives the D.A.V. van whenever he can!  He served in the Navy during WWII and to this day, believes Panama is the most beautiful place on earth.  His family came here from Czech and settled in the Bohemian camps in Nebraska.  They migrated south and he was born in Bolivar, Mo.  His knees have been repaired a few times and they are still so jacked up he can barely get around, but that doesn’t stop him!  His knuckles are huge and his fingers disfigured by severe genetic arthritis.  He can’t even button a shirt or tie a shoe, but that doesn’t stop him from cutting wood or piddling with his junk out back.

His right arm was feeling heavy on Sunday and he’d had a headache.  Frank convinced him to go to the E.R. on Sunday evening after an argument, ’cause he wasn’t going, ’cause he was OK!  Good thing they went.  He went right from the E.R. to the I.C.U. with a busted blood vessel in his brain.  We think he did this back in November.  It was after a day of deer hunting.  He just tripped and fell over nothing in the backyard and cracked his head open.  The bleeding is putting pressure on the nerves that operate the right side.  Explains a lot.  It’s not getting worse, nor better, so the plan is to drain that today.  My mother-in-law, was scheduled for a knee replacement this Friday, and that’s off now.  She’s having a hard time getting around, she’s 77.

I feel when something like this happens, it’s best to keep some sort of routine, especially when kids are around.  And today they are, there’s no school.  I’ve been called uncaring for not sitting at hospitals in the past, and I’m OK with that.  I just don’t feel there’s anything I can do by just sitting.  Right now, there are two people with Frank’s mom, immediate family and that’s how, I feel it should be.  I haven’t been up there yet, but I will go.  Luckily for us, the hospital is close as travel is not recommended with weather like this.  Tomorrow is Lauren’s birthday.  Something serious is usually going on during her birthday.  One year, on her dad’s side, they had a funeral and her birthday on the same day.  The plan is to have one girl spend the night on Friday and have a taco bar lunch and cake with some extra girls on Saturday.  Hope all goes well as planned, for every one.


After my MSU class was over yesterday, everyone just sat there.  Twas one of those classes where no one was quick to move.  Sometimes, I think I teach my best when I’m stressed.  I was thinking about Milos.  I was worried about my book.  I too, came away from the class feeling better about all of it.  I stopped by the post office and mailed my ebay boxes.  Then I decided to stop at the Y, to check for my book.  After all, it had my name and phone number in it.  I had actually picked up a pretty hand knitted hat that morning that I had found on the sidewalk and turned it in.  Surely, someone else would do the same for me.  Nope, no one had turned in a book.  I cruised on downstairs to the yoga room to find my book on the table where I’d left it next to a bunch of yoga props.  I grabbed it and I kissed it!  On the way back to my car, a yogi from the MSU class rode by on his bike.  I waved at him with my book and smiled.

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Just Blog It

I’m new to this blogging thing.  I am.  I really don’t know much about wordpress, but I’m learning my way around.  I’ve figured out how to check the stats and it’s interesting. 

Statistics for the Utterly Confused by inju.

I’ve had two posts that received a great amount of traffic.  My first post was about the movie Sex & the City.  Hence the “sex” tag brought some readers!  The second one, was one I posted about Caylee Anthony, and I actually borrowed that news story from elsewhere.  Stats were crazy for that one, and believe it or not, they’re still checking that one out!

Changing subjects, twas the second day at WOLF School for my daughter.  They went to (in her words) a swamp and canoed about!  She said the hike there was rough, she was full of scratches on her legs, and they had to put their arms over head for fear of poison ivy!  She was in the canoe with another girl that had never canoed before either.  So, you can see where this is going!  They didn’t tip it over, they had fun!  She said the boys gave their skills a 0 and I told her who cares?  You had fun, did your best and learned something!  Can you imagine spending your entire school day, in a canoe?  She’s lucky and she knows it!  Tomorrow and Thursday, they stay in the classroom.  Friday, they swim and snorkel.  She’s wanting to get a disposable underwater camera, another run to the store for me!

Back in yogaland, class was awesome this evening!  Nice to see the old crowd and new faces as well.  The Y is such a great place for people to get that yoga exposure.  True, some of them never leave the Y.  But, a lot of them will go deeper and get into a studio class, or take a workshop and what not.  I was hurting in my foot tonight.  Been a problem for quite some time as I’m barefoot so much, the arch in my right foot is somewhat fallen.  I decided to wear “real shoes” yesterday doing my work.  Bad idea.  Squeezed the crap out of my foot, which I believe is broader across the toes now, from yoga and from being barefoot so often.  I will ditch those tennis shoes!  Pain up the side of my calf, pain on the top of my foot and the last three toes!  I rested all day (2 loads of laundry and a milk run) and read a great book called “Sold”.  Finished it in a few hours time, good read.  


Butterflies Inside and Out

I have one more FREE Monday before I begin teaching a couple of yoga classes on Mondays starting after Labor Day.  I took advantage of the weather yesterday to really clean around here.  Lots of straightening up (though I still can’t find our dining room table top) cleaned rugs out on the driveway, went to Wal-Mart for groceries, no crowd there, every one has purchased their school supplies!  I also finished a book on the deck, which didn’t take me long.  While I was out there I noticed many different kinds of butterflies.  Monarchs, Swallowtails, you name it, they were out.  They love the herbs on our deck.  We even found a chrysalis awhile back on our deck when I was sweeping.  We are waiting it out, not sure what it’s going to be.
Butterfly Pavilion in Branson

Butterfly Pavilion in Branson

On the other hand, our daughter was full of butterflies last night.  At bed time, she couldn’t sleep, she was hot, we opened her window.  Not good enough, she wanted the a/c.  Please…it was like 60 last night.  Then around 12:30 a.m. the truth came out.  She was afraid of getting hurt at school today.  They had canoe safety yesterday and a nurse came to tell them about all the painful things that could happen when one is out in the woods.  They could step on big thorns, get stung by stuff (we don’t know if she’s allergic, she’s never been stung) they could get splinters, gashes, stitches and broken bones.  Geez.  She said nothing of this after school yesterday, only came home with shining, pure excitement from WOLF School

Today, they wore their bathing suits to school under their clothes.  We applied sun screen and bug spray.  We packed a lunch and the rest of the gear they are to leave at school, which included a rain slicker, a snorkel and mask and a bottle of travel peroxide (which freaked her out).  She seemed excited today, as they are traveling out to really sit in a canoe and learn more about safety.  On Friday, they actually go on the river.  She’s never been canoeing, but she’s spent lots of time at lakes, rivers and in our bass boat.  She’ll be fine.  Not sure I will be though, I am exhausted as I got very little sleep myself last night. 

Tonight, I start teaching in the evening again.  First night class I’ve had since I lost my great yoga gig with the City.  It will be nice to see that same crowd, they’re still there, and it’s a big group at the YMCA.  September is Yoga Month, so our studio will be passing out “free class cards” to those that have never been to a studio class.  Looking forward to sharing those this evening as well.  

Taken October 2006, these yoginis are still at the Y!

Taken October 2006, these yoginis are still at the Y! One has turned her love of yoga into sharing and teaches her own classes!

It’s a beautiful day again today.  I plan on relaxing, perhaps starting a new book since I just purchased three new ones.  One of which is A New Earth.  Decided to wait until the hoopla was over with to read it.  I glanced through it, and found it to be quite similar to the book I just finished reading by Easwaran.   The only decision I’m going to make today, is what book I should start reading, the dining room table can wait.

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Tiny Starfish in the Intercoastal WaterwayI took my yoga mat with me on my vacation.  I never even unrolled it.  I usually take it out by the pool, or to the beach.  I’ve even checked out a couple of studios.  Not this time.  I’d like to think I was practicing yoga in the other way.  The off the mat kind of way.  Swimming in the Gulf, enjoying being in nature on the boat, relaxing in the pool, walking on the beach, and spending time enjoying good food and company.  Today was my first day back to teaching at the YMCA.  I teach two classes on Wednesdays, Y in the morning and the studio at noon.  I like the Y.  I feel I have a nice connect with my group there, and it’s usually a big group, up to like 17 people on some days.  Today was small at 6, due the the July 4th week I’m sure.  It was OK.  We got to play and take in some things we cannot do otherwise with limited space.  I really focused on back bending this morning and the little that I got to do, felt good to me as well.  The group wanted to hang out and talk a little bit afterwards.  I wasn’t in a hurry, so I did.  Whenever that happens, I feel like I’ve taught a good class from my heart, and it feels good.  Let’s see if I can do it again in the next hour!